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Thread: Where can i buy???

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    Default Where can i buy???

    Where can you buy nappy's (diaper's) particularly goodnites (drynites) on-line that come in a discrete package?
    I live at home with 5 other people in the house but want to buy some nappy's on-line without the package having HUGGIES in huge letters on so that everyone can tell what's in the box.


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    Little ollie


    Drynights I don't know anything about, but for nappies these are really good and discreet. Incontinence Pants, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence Products, Adult Diapers & Incontinence Aids

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    you could order from boots, but the box will have boots on the side

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    Honestly, you'll find buying from a brick and mortar store so much easier if all you want is Goodnites. The package is small enough to fit into a small rucksack, and you avoid paying p&p, etc.

    Boots is a pretty good choice regardless, as is any large supermarket.

    If you have to order online, Blushing Buyer would be a good choice. They stock molicare air active supers, which would be far better than goodnites. They also pride themselves on discrete shipping and are also clear about when a package will arrive.

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    Thanks guys

    Edit: after reading this thread, i realised that i could' be a better situation to go and buy some, nobody is at home and wont befor some time. so i went to the supermarket and bought some yaaaay am wearing them right now
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