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Thread: Best rubber pants?

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    Default Best rubber pants?

    Please recommend sources for rubber pants to be worn over cloth. I am not looking for plastic, polyurethan, PVC etc. but instead for natural rubber.

    Thank you!

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    Default sells medical grade rubber panties.


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    I was on babykins site and they have them

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    Alright, prepare for massive linkage. These are all that come to mind currently for actual rubber pants. Keep in mind I've never actually tried any of these, so buy at your own risk.

    First up, we have the previously mentioned Fetware rubber pants, they have night and day cuts, the night cut is bigger to accommodate more bulk.

    And there's also a site called Protex Medical, they have day cut rubber pants, and night as well.

    Also at Protex are old fashioned rubber pants, although they cost an arm and a leg, probably because they're a specialty product.

    Good luck in your search, and if you do pick some up, maybe you could consider writing a review for us here, i'd be curious to know how the natural rubber ones actually feel, and how well they perform, leak-wise and whatnot.

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    a hundred bucks for a pair of rubber pants? u got 2 b kidding!

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    I bought mine at fetwear I think they wear around 40 bucks, I have the small overnight ones plenty of room for cloth diapers if your going that route.

    I keep them in zip lock bags and away from UV light sources they need more care than plastic or vinyl to last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarrenW View Post
    a hundred bucks for a pair of rubber pants? u got 2 b kidding!
    Specialty product! It costs extra to manufacture (I would think it does, anyways), and they can jack up the price a bunch because nobody else has them. It only works because some people are willing to pay that much, it's supply and demand and all that jazz.

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    =O my jaw... literally dropped. (at the price of Protex)

    I wonder if they actually get business.

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    I bought 2 at for like 18 a peace and they lasted for like a year each almost.

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