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Thread: When you go to buy your diapers

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    Default When you go to buy your diapers

    Or at least the first few times anyway, did get a really intense feeling of fear? Like an adrenaline rush, all the way there and back. I certainly do it's like Iím just running on basic instincts, where i get into the shop get home, and hide them in the fastest most efficient way possible because of this rush.

    Recently it's been minus 17C (same as Canada's winters) around England with loads of snow, but when i last went to buy some diapers i was sweating really badly outside. However the after feeling when you get home and put one on is sooo nice

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    I always get nervous and get adrenaline rush when buying diapers, but I have my ways of tackling it.
    I can't really remember how I felt the first time I went to buy, but I'm pretty sure it was one of those "I'm gonna die " moments. *chuckles*

    However the after feeling when you get home and put one on is sooo nice!
    Oh yeah, you're so right!

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    It used to be a very big deal for me. Adrenaline, feeling flushed, jumpy, etc. These days, there's little more than a twinge of excitement. Although that stuff was almost entirely negative, I still kind of miss the strength of the reaction. No fall-off in the enjoyment of having them, but the embarassment of buying has definitely cut way back.

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    I still get that feeling.

    All my recent attempts to buy diapers have been botched because of cold feet.

    I'll make up excuses to put the packet back on the shelf and leave; the store is too empty/full, the cashier is too young, etc...

    I was braver buying diapers when I was in my early teens. The adrenaline rush was exciting and new. Now it's irritating. The quicker it's over, even if that means walking out of the store empty handed, the better.

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    When I first started buying diapers it was quite the "rush" Not quite the same anymore, but I still get excited when buying something new.

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    Although I've made 5 purchasing trips now, I haven't quite got to grips with what I want, so I'm still experimenting and I'm always trying new brands, keeping the excitement up. Each time it does get better though; I know where to look, and what to look for. I also truly understand that people really don't give a shit what you're buying.

    The first time I was shitting myself (not literally, thankfully!), and made a few errors; I thought a much smaller store would carry the same range, and I purchased during the busiest time in the day. The adrenaline pumped, and it all turned out well.

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    I used to be pretty nervous about it, but that feeling as pretty much gone away. It used to be that I'd really stake it out, buy some additional useless items, and I was terrified and admittedly I chickened out a few times. You know what, nobody ever cared. So now, if I buy store diapers (I mostly get online) it's not a big deal for me. I just go in, get what I need, pay and leave, just like anything else.

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    No I just order them online and they show up on my front porch a few days later. Painless

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    I want to get them online but i don't live on my own, and if they came with a big sticker on them saying "pampers" i'd be simply mortified. Plus i quite like that rush you get, it's just no where sells nappys close by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berko View Post
    Recently it's been minus 17C (same as Canada's winters) around England with loads of snow,
    What part of Canada are you talking about? And if you are sweating in winter clothing you need to take off a layer or two so you don't get cold when you slow down.

    Buying diapers gets easier with time.

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