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Thread: New to this ( Kind of)

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    I have been a bedwetter for a while now, but in the last few months I have started having leakage issues during the day. This has really got me stressed out. I work in a very masucilne and ego driven field and if anyone found out I am afraid I would be thought of less. I am not sure how to handle the day time issues, when at home I use pullups and hit the restroom often, when out diapers and at work I use male guards and really hit the rettoom often (at least every 20-30 minutes). Last night we went to an event with somne friends from work and I used a pullup with a guard in it. I ended up changing the guard twice in about 2 hours and when we went over to a friends house I felt my pants leg get wet and I was afriad to sit on thie furniture so I ended up standing for our whole visit. I really hate the way this is affecting my life. Does anyone have any advice they can offer?

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    Sorry to hear about your problem. You didn't say anything about seeing a doctor, so I would say that's the next reasonable step to take. We're pretty good with what kind of diaper feels nice or lasts longer, but when you're talking about your internal plumbing, it's best to go and see someone who can check you out and went to school for just that purpose. When you go, have a list (on paper if need be) of anything you can think of that you've been doing differently since this started. This is likely going to require some sleuthing on the part of the doctor, so be as much help as you can.

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    The best advice I can give you: go see a doctor. It is not normal for an adult to suddenly start wetting, even when they have a history of bedwetting.

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    Sorry I did go see a doctor. He did a urine culture and digital exam both were normal, I also did a ultrasound and have a appt to have my bladder inflated adn measured then drained and measuered with senors (sorry don't remember name of test). I do that test in 2 weeks and see dr in a month an a half.

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    Sounds like they are going to do a lot of work on you. That is good! Until then, a diaper is probably your best quick fix until they can pin point and treat the problem.

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    You might try wearing the more soft vinyl pare of pants just so you wouldn't have to worry as much about leakage. Also at work, be more reserved in the amount of liquids you drink, though don't dehydrate yourself either.

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    I would like to say that you are not alone in this issue and there are others just like you going through the same thing. I have spoken with my doctor and I applaud you for the courage to do those tests. I am affraid of them and my doctor and I agree that medication is out of the picture due to other medications I take. Its not usual for adults to suddenly start to to have control problems, but everyone's body is differant and we don't always work the same way. Don't let it get you down because I have found Its not the end of the world for me.

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    welcome to my world. it sux but i just rok boxers over my diaper w jeans. nobody knows cept who i tell

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    I think as said above, the best idea is to use vinyl pants to "contain" any embarassment. If you are having a lot of "leaking", I'd suggest either an adult pullup combined with the guard, or a thicker diaper (if you can safely wear it to work)? If discression is a problem at work, pullup's really are just like underwear, so I guess that would be your best bet?

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    Defiantly see a doctor as the other 100 posts have said, and also protective plastic pants make a huge difference with leaks IMO, maybe you should invest in some ?

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