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Thread: That itch...

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    Default That itch...

    Ok I know you have experienced this before... but let me set the scene. (Humor me a little here)

    You have already gotten padded, maybe wet or messed a little, not planning on changing any time soon though... even worse you might be in a public place

    ...and then it happens you get the sensation to itch...down there :p

    you try to ignore it, but then it just gets worse.

    so what do you do...

    what's your approach for dealing with the itch?

    (mine is a combination of lots of baby powder before hand, and mind over matter, though if it is around the leg gather or top, I might go for it)

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    You go for it the best you can... I mean, there are not really any good choices here... but I would rather wait till no one is looking and itch it then to let it stay itchy.... because that is just horribly.... So yeah, my vote is to artfully go for it.

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    I just leave it be. For some reason I sort-of enjoy the feeling when I can't scratch. Moving about a bit or wetting usually gets rid of it, otherwise I just enjoy the feeling of helplessness.

    Strangely, I can't tolerate an itch at other times. Like, if my foot itches, I have to remove my shoe (and sometimes sock) straight away no matter where I am!

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    the more you itch an itchy area the more it tends to itch either now or later on.if you dont scratch an itchy area itll go away after about maybe 30 seconds to a minute or 2. thats all i have to say on the subject.but yeah i know what youre talking about..i just leave it be and eventually i stop paying attention to the itch so yeah.oh and btw the first part i said isnt true for everybody least i dont think..

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    I have never experienced it but I can tell for sure that I wouldn't be able to resist the itch. Trying to ignore it would drive me nuts!

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    I've had an itch down there before, it's really annoying. I tried to just ignore it, but that just causes me to think about it more >.=.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I just leave it be. For some reason I sort-of enjoy the feeling when I can't scratch. I just enjoy the feeling of helplessness.
    Same here, man. Toddlers don't really know how to scratch, so it helps me regress

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