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Thread: what other music does Ab like to in baby mood or adult

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    Default what other music does Ab like to in baby mood or adult

    what kind music to other Ab like listing to when in not baby mood country, rap , hip hop , R&B , or others I know love rap because grew up listing to 2pac and biggie small and plus rock. When like kid like nursery stuff I list to on my computer or TV.
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    Oh.... why did you delete, babylife247? I was just typing a reply to you :cryhankie:

    I was going to recommend "Charlie and Lola's Favourite and Best Music Record", which is funny, cute and makes me feel little...

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    That's the best keyboard key EVER, isn't it? You can take things back with it, remove co-workers with it, back out of directories with it... what CAN'T it do?

    We're no longer talking about delete? Drat.
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    I didn't think say like gangsta rap was good thing say on here so decide have it remove becuase most people look at it as bad music in the world.

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    Well, in my opinion, you're entitled to your preference in music, whatever the stereotypes attached to it. If you like it, you like it!

    I listen to various types of rock and the odd bit of other types. I don't have a babyish music preference though unfortunately, but I do like watching or reading Charlie and Lola anytime, so I imagine I'd agree with 'tiny' about his choice.

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    new wave

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Charlie and Lola
    EEEEEEEE~!!! I love that showwww~ <333

    Okay: On-topic for da bebbeh music. Jewel has a CD called "Lullaby" that has a lot of sweet songs on there with deep meanings 'n' shit.

    Oh, and It's Jewel.

    Jewel looks like my waifu. <3

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    If it's rap or hip-hop, it pretty much has to be either underground or old skool for me to dig it...

    I like all music.

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    This.. hands down.

    YouTube - Disturbed - Down With The Sickness [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    oh we are talking out of AB shit.. well Sliversun Pickups, Bright Eyes (I know, Connor is extremely liberal.. we all have our faults) and Brad Sucks (Brad Sucks = best one man band you never heard.)

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