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    Default Depends Belted Shields

    did anyone ever try out the depends belted shields? of course there going to be crap! but did anyone ever try them out?

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    meh... they are ok. Kind of feel comfy but not worth much else. They do make good booster pads.

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    Best for booster pads, but apart from that I can't really see the point. Would make for a quick and easy change if you were out and about i suppose.

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    The ones with the velcro belts are terrible, I thought they were going to be tighter but the spot where the belt connects to the diaper always falls apart and becomes loose. And I'm not even close to the maximum weight for those things lol. Yes, it can be good as a stuffer but would rather go with pampers cruisers for that.

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    I have tried to use belted undergarments before, but the belts are just too for me. They do make pretty good stuffers though.

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