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    Welcome to The Wrestling Dungeon

    A few months back I wrote a blog post titled The Death of World Wrestling Entertainment. It was a rant about how WWE had really gone down hill in the last few years and MrMcAwesome replayed made some good points and told me about this website.

    It is a weekly podcast out of Ireland with hosts Blake Norton, who as worked as a wrestler, promoter, booker and trainer and Adam Joyce, a wrestler. They go through all the big news in wrestling but mainly focusing on WWE. They cover Smackdown and Raw and the pay per views and if someting big happends like TNA going live last Monday they covered that.

    I was hooked the first time I listened. I followed it for a few months sending the guys information that they didn't have and a few weeks ago I emailed Blake and asked him for a job or atleast an internship and I got it! I have been wrting recaps for the show for 3 weeks now and I love it. Blake and Adam are very profesinal and if you send them information and they use it you are credited and my name was final added to the sites staff page this week.

    If your a wrestling fan you should take a listen and you may get hooked like I did. The best part about all this is it's FREE to download and they go back about two months if you miss a show. Again just big thanks to MrMcAwesome becasue you truely earned that name.

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    I would say listen to between the ropes 2 former wrestlers host it Vito De Nuchi and Dlo Brown (he's in tna as a backstage manager so he's not on always) and Brian Fritz who hosts the show mainly.

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