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    Hi name is jason...I'm 18 years old and ima tell u a bit about myself....I consider myself a teen baby and diaper lover. I have been on and off with diapers since I was 4. I can remember when my grandmother ran a day care and I would secretly take diapers...I loved I grew older my love for them never left....wen I was 9 my baby cousin was born and I wud steal her diapers....I grew up in texas and moved to ct wen I was 12....for a short period of time I lived with my my aunts house there were 2 toddlers who lived in the house and I would steal their diapers....wen I turned 13 my parents divorced and I moved in with my mom and I didn't touch a diaper untill I was 15 when I went to cvs and bought some goodnites and I continued to wear them untill I was 16...from age 16 to 18 I have worn pull-ups 4t-5t...nobody knows that I wear diapers...and I'm not in a hurry to tell anyone....I have always felt that my childhood happened to fast and I wish I could have it back...I feel like it was a lost childhood with the big move divorce and other things that got in the way...I am a skinny kid so I only wear toddler diapers like pull-ups easy ups and goodnites and I plan to keep it that way for as long as I can. I sometimes wet in my diapers but not a lot...I love toys and play with them whenever I can....I plan on buying a pacifier bottle and sippy cup real soon....I pretty much have a double one wud expect me to wear diapers..I have always been popular in school and have had a lot of friends in my life....I am a big sports fan and can be friends with pretty much anybody...well that's all I got...I'm out

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    Welcome to Adisc, comrade.

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    Hey thx man..

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    Welcome to ADISC! What sports are you into? Hope you enjoy this site and its helpful and supportive community! Peace and Love

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    nice intro!
    Welcome to ADISC!

    yeah, i like goodnites and pullups too!!!

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    Hey nice to meet you. Hope you have a nice time here. ^_^

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