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Thread: Anyone Play Sports?

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    Default Anyone Play Sports?

    I was just wondering what sports ppl play, I myself play soccer and both indoor and outdoor track.

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    I water ski. I'm good enough to complete the slalom coarse. If you don't know what that is, all you need to know is that it's really really hard.

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    I play womens rugby for my university! And I'm a sailing instructor!

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    Do watersports count...?

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    ya, all sports count.

    I have been trying water skiing in the summer for a wile with no luck, any suggestions?

    I have never played rugby but I do know that its sort of like soccer and football combined.

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    I'm a decent bowler, that's about it. I also enjoy billiards to an extent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisusernamewontfi View Post
    ya, all sports count.
    Might wanna google image search "watersports," or not. Actually, don't. Forget I wrote that.

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    well i used to play sports but now i cant cos of a severee injury. but what i used to play was this. Soccer as a awesome goal keeper, in one season we gave away 15 penalties and i stopped 14. go me..... i also got 3 red cards that season and we came dead last but i still rock at stopping penalties.
    Rubgy anywhere in the scrum and a few abysmal times as a center and wing.... i ony scored one try but meh i got two runners up medals to gloat about.... gloat gloat gloat.
    Cricket... but just in passing
    I did show jumping for about a year till the school closed down and then i lost interest.
    And most importantly i used to be a pro wrestler, had a few good matches aswell.... well kinda.
    Anyway i know you only asked what sports i played and not where but i felt like typing a bit so yeah and im not quit through.
    Rugby is really its own sport and draws simularities from both sports. Its hard hitting like American Football and fast paced like Soccer. but as far as the rules a re concerned the 3 games are nothing alike

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    I love basketball, and I'm pretty tall so I'm not bad at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisusernamewontfi View Post
    I have been trying water skiing in the summer for a wile with no luck, any suggestions?
    It depends on what your having trouble with. I'm guessing your still on two skis, so that's what I'm going to talk about. Getting up has a few tricks. Sit in the water like you're in a chair, straight back is very important, with you're ski tips out of the water. The best trick is to exaggerate the chair pose a little by moving your butt farther back and your hands closer to the tips of the skis. When the boat starts moving, slowly stand up while leaning just a little back and find your balance. The next thing most people have trouble with is turning. On two skis, the thing you need to know is to not bend over to catch your balance. I watch people crouch down to catch themselves all the time and they almost never make it back up. Most people also make the mistake of trying to turn the skis farthing sideways to turn faster, but that's not the case. The best way to speed up a turn is to lean farther away from the boat. If you need more specific advise just ask. I taught this at summer camp so I know a lot of the tricks.

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