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    Red face Hiii..

    =) Yellow..
    I'm new and somewhat shy, and even more so cause I went on the chat thing and got told i was a idiot for putting baby in my name.. and im really jus' posting so i can apply for a new one. =( Now i feel real out of place and i had no idea i wasnt meant to put that there.
    Whatever. =) I jus wanna make friends.
    So if anyone wants to talk, i'll be here to talk. Cause talking is pretty much the only thing imma good at. That and mischeif. Owe yeah, i know my mischeif. =)

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    Hi and welcome.

    If you want to change your username, use this link: , or go to "User CP" and find "Request Username Change" in the left bar at the bottom.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LilBabyDarcyyy View Post
    =) Yellow..
    I'm new and somewhat shy, and even more so cause I went on the chat thing and got told i was a idiot for putting baby in my name.. I jus wanna make friends.
    Well, apologies to you on behalf of anyone who negged you over your choice of name... I'll tell you what this is about... It appears basically that we are judging people before they have done any wrong, on the grounds that some types of username are associated with some types of FUTURE wrong-doing; a kind of username-profiling.

    It is not that your name breaks formal rules regarding conduct; and obviously with 40+ members with names starting "babi" or "baby" ADISC - Members List it makes little sense to pick on just one person who was following their example. It also seems intuitive to have people with names incorporating baby, diaper, and so on on a diaper forum.

    Basically, especially on joining, your name is assumed to say something about you...if it is of certain forms it'll look like it is designed to characterize you: like Scritchbringer might suggest furriness.

    Now before going on about what some names might suggest, a quick note on who's welcome at adisc: basically Everyone is welcome, with respect to their age (13+), nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, politics... Unwelcome people are ones who act badly.

    For a person not to be welcome depends on behaviour: if they turn out to be mean, destructive, or at odds with ADISC'S mission as a support site. In particular, though we acknowledge that diapers are related to many members' fap-life, sex-life, and fantasy/roleplaying life, the site is devoted to the personality of the person doing said fantasizing, fapping, and roleplaying; and it is not here as a place to engage in such fapping, roleplaging, and fantasizing - at least not for the hard-core sexual varieties of those. This is crucial for maintaining an environment in which adults and minors can mix safely and freely.

    Many other diaper sites dwell on acts of fetish-play: ageplay, sex involving diapers, cross-dressing and so on: and more power to them! They are good at what they do, and serve their communities very well; we are not superior to them, merely different: we serve a different market, and are good at what we do: offering support to the tb/abdl community, and encouraging talk not only about diaper-related stuff (including fetish-oriented stuff) but about every other aspect of a person.

    So names... The username you choose is like the clothes you arrive wearing: it is your appearance, and is chosen by you; and some forms of name suggest how a person is likely to act. Sadly this first impression is too often accurate, and some of our members have gone beyond looking on a person with suspicion, while giving them a fair chance, all the way to pre-emptively being negative towards their choice of name, without explanation, assuming they will not act according to our social customs.

    What social customs are these?

    People who go by a deliberately anonymous and throwaway name, typically things like Diaperguy or Wetbaby, often have little personal investment in their name, and prove later to have little personal investment in the site and little intent to be an active and productive member. This is particularly the case where the username has a number (usually 3 digit) - like HappyinNappy346; this is even more often true when the username implies a sole interest and fixation with explicit diaper roleplay, as with, say, poopyMan182 or WannaMommy or hornyStr8man16.

    Assuming who you are or how you'll behave based on username profiling may seem unfair, but it has become natural for some... and the best you can do is accept that this is customary, albeit possibly unfair in your case.

    Imagine a new user called PraiseJesus, or Islamwillwin or HeyPerverts, or even Cum2Daddy - you will see that the user intends or appears to intend to conduct an agenda suggested by their username, and even if they don't it is reasonable to assume they will; a user has some responsibility to guess at how they will be treated if their username suggests their purpose in being here:

    PraiseJesus likely intends to proselytize (preach) - even neg us about our sinful ways

    AllahHatesU_Pedos - some Moslem person thinks our abdl-ism is pedophillic and wants to tell us about it and troll us in hateful ways;

    poopydipes182 is looking for graphic rp partners to change him

    diapergaydude, str8babyguy - this username says nothing much about the user except he is dl & prefers to date guys or girls - and presumably we are to relate to him on that basis: contrary to our mission to know him in depth, not superficially. It kind of suggests they are looking to find gay (or straight) people to partner with for rp, or for live hooking up; such things being not this site's main focus or purpose.

    So the negging is a matter of suspicion turning into assumption; and while it may be unfair, it is unavoidable; and the onus of picking a username which won't result in the unfair negging actually does rest with the user.
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    Smile Hi and Welcome!

    Hi mate JohnyABinAus from NSW here, welcome to ADISC. As you probably know there is a Forum here Teenbaby where you will find lots of support and encouragement to help you with being shy. (As with the rest of this site naturally). Our community here can certainly assist you in building up your confidence in finding friends in the real world. As I clearly remember it was very very hard growing up, especially if you had to keep certain interests secret. So please do not be shy about asking for help at any time. We live in a good country, it is school holidays, so relax and enjoy your visits here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilBabyDarcyyy View Post
    =) Yellow..
    So if anyone wants to talk, i'll be here to talk. Cause talking is pretty much the only thing imma good at. That and mischeif. Owe yeah, i know my mischeif. =)
    If you must talk, then


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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests? Hope you enjoy this site and its helpful and supportive community! Peace and Love

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