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Thread: On Bambinos...

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    Default On Bambinos...

    I don't understand the draw. I just got a 24 pack of Biancos, and honestly, they don't seem that special. In fact, I'd say the ABUniverse ones are better. That's just a preference I suppose, but someone clue me in on why they're so amazing?

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    None what so ever. Perhaps it's just that they feel amazing and are super thick? But, aside from that...Nothing is really special.

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    Perhaps I can relate to this. My first diapers were Depends, and they didn't quite feel right. Then I got a check card, and that meant I could order online. So I went to Bambinos and ordered a sample pack. When they got here the first thing I did was compare them. After I tried one one, Depends suddenly felt like paper to me, and Bambinos were next to luxury. Thats probably what all the hype is, people who were used to storebrand stuff and then -'Oh my god! These are heavan!' You have been used to good stuff for a while, so Bambinos doesn't feel that much different.

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    I find bambino baincos are the thickest diaper I can get my hands on.
    I really am not in to the babyish prints.

    to be honest if they made the ABU diapers without the prints I would try to get them too
    but that is just me.

    but of course I live in Canada, so that is out. (shipping is just way too much)

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    You are lucky to be able to compare. Getting Bambinos shipped over here would cost a small fortune. Out of sheer curiosity, what is the dry weight (in grams) of a medium bambino?

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    8lb 24 pack = 3628.738 grams I believe.

    But anyway, yeah, I like babyish things, but the baby print said "Creepy old dude" all over it.

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    The ABU dry kids are pretty sweet and I prefer them...but they're far more expensive than the bambinos and there's an actual quality drop in the ABU (but they're SO CUTE and fit perfectly). So, my main diaper is the bambino and I LOVE them. I really don't like the abena xplus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    But anyway, yeah, I like babyish things, but the baby print said "Creepy old dude" all over it.
    Yeah, I was kinda iffy on the print when I first ordered the Bambino Classicos. I would still much prefer something less infantile (blocks that spell 'baby'?!) and more, I dunno, cartoonish (though I know licensed characters aren't making an appearance any time soon). That said, I still keep ordering the Classicos over the Biancos. Guess the print has grown on me; I like it over a plain diaper, anyways.

    To the OP: Bambinos aren't going to be the 'be-all-end-all' best diaper for everyone. I could point out differences in thickness, fit, etc, among the different brands but a lot of this comes down to personal preference. The thing I like best about Bambinos is that they are consistently high quality (tape tabs don't pop off or break, leg gathers don't detach, plastic cover doesn't rip, padding doesn't clump up easily). They have a high gel content and are extremely absorbent, but they don't suffer from press-out (y'know, around the leg bands when you sit down...) unless I'm way past due for a change. They just... do a good job and look pretty good while doing it. Now that the price has come down into a range that is competitive with other high-quality diapers (Abena X-Plus, Secure X-Plus, etc), they have become almost perfect (put in an Abena Abri-Let Maxi booster to add thickness and better wicking abilities--then they're perfect).

    But now that it seems the company is starting to get its act together, I'm interested in trying the ABUniverse diapers. The price is a bit of a put-off, though, and so is the probability that they aren't as absorbent or high-quality as I've gotten used to.

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    They are. The ABUniverse sample was really good, anyway. But yeah... Baby diapers don't say "Baby" on them. That's just so fetishy. And though I have some DL in me, the TB/AB in me says "creeeepy".

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    The only problem I have with Bambinos is that the mediums are too small, and the larges are too large. Strange, huh?

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