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Thread: How did you start smoking?

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    Default How did you start smoking?


    unfortunately i do...^^

    first of all, searched for similar threads, found one, closed -.-

    since about 7 months... i like it to smoke with friends, before school, at parties, while im waitin for friends, to calm down after i had a "fight" with my dad or stuff like that.

    i think the ones who smoke here can easily understand me =D everyones tellin me urgh quit, its expensive and rather unhealthy but dunno its kinda way too relaxin. sure there negative aspects like, the smell (cant stand it goin to bed + have the taste of a lovely cigarette in my mouth). my favourite brand is unchallenged lucky strike =D best taste + special editions like the black beat box.

    So my question is:
    Which brand do u prefer? how did u start? how did u quit?


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    I started when I was sixteen. I came from a family where smoking was a staple -- my mother smoked, my father smoked, my brother smoked -- so when I began to do so, I wasn't exactly discouraged. Granted, I wasn't encouraged, either. My parents would not buy me cigarettes, and I understood quickly that if I wanted to develop some kind of habit, I'd have to do so on my own dollar.

    I smoked for almost ten years at a pack a day. I've quit in the past year-and-a-half. The key? Want to. I love the taste of cigarettes, but the most important step in quitting is wanting to quit, believing you can, and striving for that. If you can't want to, then it's not your time. Give yourself a goal, an inspiration, a desire. Tackle it.

    I do urge for cigarettes constantly, though! I miss the taste and the sensation, but not the physical problems that came with them.

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    I quit for a few reasons. My partner hated it. I seen way too many cases of people with long term lung problems due to smoking. It's expensive. I don't need another addiction on top of another, caffeine.

    Ultimately it does nothing for you in your favor. You claim it relaxes you? A good book, a trip to the beach, good company, etc can do that. Hell even video games relax me out. I say your best bet is to replace your habit with another but on the healthier side. I'm quitting caffeine come June ...when I leave the grave shift for good.

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    Ugh. I love smoking. I quit for a year. I started because my friends smoked. I'm with Dawes on the, "it wasn't discouraged, but it wasn't encouraged either" boat. When I told my mother at 15 she bought me a pack of cigarettes, and that was the first and last she'd ever buy me. (Aside from a few here and there). It was my habit, so I had to support it. I quit when I was 17 until about 6 months ago. I started again because, well, I couldn't tell you why. My best friend offered me one, and I took it, figuring it was only one. Welp, yeah, no. Everything came back to me, and within a month or so I was back to a pack a day.

    My favorite part about smoking would be the social aspects about it. I've met so many great friends at school because I was outside in the smoking area the same time they were, and we struck up a conversation.

    Oh, and I smoke Peter Jackson Menthols. Sometimes I'll smoke Vogue.

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    guys im jealous =D
    thanks for ur answers. I know i should quit by time but i told me boy this summer! but i cant imagine quit smokin. i did last summer but it seemed so easy to me, i mean 4 days and had no problems with it, so uhm i re-started. other relaxing activities.. i hate reading (i know a sin), well i got a ps2 but apart from about 6 dragonball games (finished them^^) i got only crap.. and i mean videogames are expensive too =P so i think it takes me about another 6-7 months and ill quit... because i wanna leave home, yeay college, so way to expensive then... excited to hear some other stories

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    I like smoking, that is, I like smoking cigars, smoking pipe and blowing(you know why )
    The thing is, I don't do it very frequently, so it is not very expensive, and don't smoek through my lungs, so It doesn't really harm me, os I don't really see any reason to stop as long as I do not start needing it or start doing it like on a daily basis

    Side note: Yes, I tried sigarettes, and I think they are disgusting.

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    I started smoking when I was in college, out of boredom I guess. I never really got addicted to it, but I did like to light up when I was at a bar. I quit for the most part, because I'm trying to get in better shape so I can start racing motocross competitively. I've pretty much given up smoking "the other ground plant" for the same reason, though I wouldn't refuse a couple tokes if the offer was there.

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    I started at 18; I don't smoke cigs but I do smoke Hookah every now and then and love it.

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    I started smoking at about 14, so that makes it 11 years for me. I have not smoked consistently through that whole period of time.

    I started smoking because it was something to do with friends. It was "cool" to smoke cigarettes walking home from school. At the time, anyone who looked old enough to buy cigarettes was your ticket to getting that sweet, sweet nicotine. I started smoking Marlboro Reds, then went through many different varieties of menthol. I finally decided to stop smoking menthol, so I switched to Camel Turkish Silver for a while, then Parliament Lights for years, and now I smoke American Spirit Lights.

    Smoking is a filthy, expensive, unhealthy habit that carries no long-term "good" effects. I've quit numerous times in the past (once for a year), but I cracked when I moved this summer. Like someone said above, the key to quitting is wanting to quit; that's the first step! I can't wait until the mood strikes me again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersrulez View Post
    and don't smoek through my lungs, so It doesn't really harm me, os I don't really see any reason to stop as long as I do not start needing it or start doing it like on a daily basis
    Cancer doesn't just occur in the lungs. Heavy cigar smokers/chewers get cancer of the mouth (there is a more technical term for that). Just as dangerous, don't fool yourself.

    And addiction can sneak up on you, so be careful.

    That being said. I've got no problem with smoking. I do it a few times a weekend. Used to smoke regularly until an anxiety issue forced me to quit. It is gross and no one but the smoker likes the smell. So, as usual, moderation moderation...

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