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Thread: Trisha Show Uk AB/DL Take A Look !

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    Arrow Trisha Show Uk AB/DL Take A Look !

    Here a video i found on the tube i dunno if its been posted on here before it and let me know wot you u think

    YouTube - Trisha Goddard Adult Baby Show

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    Hmm...he sort of explained things well, certainly with a calm dignity, I don't think it was the best way to let the world know. If he was wearing adult clothes, for example, that might allow people to be less shocked by the visual and more inclined to listen and think.

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    Eeee, I feel really bad for him. He looked really scared up there. I personally just don't understand people's need to go on TV to do this. I would never do something like that, for fear that people would see it. I guess all the power to him though

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    That made me squirm uneasily. It'd probably be less awkward if he came on in NORMAL CLOTHING.

    Why do they -ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS- come out in low quality replicas?

    ...Am I the only one who won't accept something that won't suit me? I guess not.

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    damn this is the cheezy talk show I've ever seen.

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    Yeah one was little crazy pair to one here she did very good job expression the ABDL community she was in normal cloth not giant baby coming out on stage.
    YouTube - Tyra Banks - About AB/DL

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    Quote Originally Posted by indybaby12 View Post
    damn this is the cheezy talk show I've ever seen.
    Welcome to British daytime television!

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    You should see Jeremy Kyle :X it puts Jerry Springer to shame with how low rent it is :X

    YouTube - Jeremy Kyle - Funniest Lie Detector Ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    Welcome to British daytime television!
    HA HA, here in America you get these dumbass Court TV shows. It's an epidemic anymore there's like altest 5 if not more.

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