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    Default slip on undergarments

    What do you think of slip on or button undergarments?
    No one ever mentions them.

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    Oh my goodness.
    I love (panties, underpants etc. etc.)
    Many times I will wear panties under a diaper just to keep the wetness close.
    As far a button ups go, I'm am enamored. I'll wear them (button on panties or drawers) as often as I can keep them washed.
    In general I like cotton pants with side buttons or OMG strings! but I have had a few pair of my bikini panties cut and sewn with buttons.
    - Whyod you ask, BTW?

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    If you're talking about the belted undergarments, I've tried them, and I can't say that they are any good. They absorb very little and personally I find them to be uncomfortable. However, they do work as a pretty good stuffer.

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    Like Ace said, not very effective by themselves. I use them as a booster (cut slits in them to let urine pass through). I only purchase when I get them for $.10 @ pad or less at thrift stores.

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    I'd quite like to have normal underpants that do up like a nappy, with velcro side tapes or poppers etc. I tried to make myself a pair out of a towel, but I gave up as I moved home and had to sort and pack everything. It wasn't a bad attempt either.

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