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    how long does it take for a regular mail time order to get to idaho?

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    That doesn't depend on the diaper compnay, but rather the shipping company you choose, and even then you still never know unless you pay immense amounts of money for a small amount of shipping time.

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    I live in Cali and the couple of times i've ordered from Bambino (Nor Cal based) it's taken average of 3 days. For Ohio, i'd expect 4-7 days (but I think 4-5 days feels more realistic)

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    I always go with USPS because in my experience, USPS is highly predictable. If I select 2-3 day shipping, and order on Monday before 2pm pacific time (at which it will ship same day), Monday will be the first day, blah blah blah, and Wednesday the mail truck will deliver my package to the post office after hours so Thursday will be the day I pick them up. I can only imagine that shipping times would be similar in Idaho. Tada! That's why I highly rate USPS in my area.

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    I live in washington; near Seattle and if I recall the last case I ordered took 3 days after i ordered them. I think I ordered them on Monday and got them Thursday morning.

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    I usually get my boxes within 2-3 days depending on the weekends. Bambinos have been so good when it comes to delivery, I can usually time their arrival just right.

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