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    ok i had an idea that with your normal like tags for your collars the we should have like a 2nd tag like a rabies but it should say something like regestered furry at (possible website here) it is a thought so please give critisism if you have it and i am sorry but is it furry or furre i hear it both ways

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    doesn't sound like a bad idea. I don't do the whole collar thing so I don't know but as it sounds just a 2nd tag for other info sounds useful. If it's meant for other people on the street or a meet and you somehow strike up a conversation I don't think it would be useful as you wouldn't show your collar I'm registered at blah site, you'd just tell them. But as far as asthetics in your own mind I think it could be a nice touch.

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    well it is all up to the person really but i was thinking that there could be a registration site i can do any of that since my current site kind of has died mostly i keep on looking but i am sort of getting bored. I can do alot of that thing.

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    I really like the idea, but I'm not sure how many people would go along with it, because secrecy is a big thing in our world.

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