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Thread: My Abena X-plus are splitting open!

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    Default My Abena X-plus are splitting open!

    Have any of you experienced this issue, or do I have a bad batch of X-plus/M4?

    After several hours of wearing and wetting, I've come to notice on more than one occasion recently that my diaper is splitting open, right in the middle of my butt. Literally, the plastic cover breaks and the diaper tears open, right down my crack. I'm thinking that the plastic must be stretched too tight, especially when I bend down or move around a lot, or pull my knees to my chest while lying down. But the thing is... this did not happen to me until recently.

    Is it possible to be putting my diaper on too tight? Or is this another bad batch of diapers altogether?

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    Never heard of that happening before with abena's its not impossible you have a bunk batch of defects =\

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    i have had this happen with molicares it sux even worse at a sleep over

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    Ive had the same happen to abenas a while back.. havent used them since.

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    I was having leaking problems with my Abena X-Pluses when I had them. It turns out that they were doing the same thing you described, just tearing or popping down the middle. Now I can fit into a small but they are a bit tighter than I wanted. I upgraded to a size "Medium" (much to my chagrin, I don't wanna be "big" already XD) to prevent any tension there might be and well that stopped happening

    However, I did switch diaper brand too so I dunno haha

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    I've had that happen just a few days ago in bed with a molicare. Not much fun.

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    Yep. I had that happen too, with Kendall Lille, a couple of times. But never with Tena, so far. Maybe some brands are more prone to it, or maybe it's just a matter of time before it happens in any brand.

    I never understood how it could make such a clean, straight tear, and without me noticing. Does something stick through the taught plastic over the butt? Isn't the plastic stretchy-ish enough to avoid that? Does the wetness indicator create a weak-spot or a sort of guide for the rip to follow? Mystery.

    If it consistently happens with a particular brand or batch of a brand, I wonder whether a preventative strip of strategically placed duct tape could help avoid the problem. Though, I've not tried it.

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    I think it will be a bad batch, tends to happen everynow and then. I'd contact your supplier and have a moan :P.

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    I was planning to buy some abri-forms, because the Tena Classics suck.
    I guess that's the reason why I tend to stick with Goodnites or Underjams.
    Because adult diapers are horrible!

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    They are not horrible! Adult nappies are better then kiddies things, can hold more, fit better, and just good all round. Bad batchs come along with all nappies, and other products, get em replaced, and it will be all good.

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