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Thread: Hypnosis

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    Question Hypnosis

    Alright, so this post stems from the website

    I've also had an interest in Hypnosis, and wanted to get other peoples thoughts and comments on the subject in general.

    I've always wanted to use one of the files from the above mentioned site to see if they really work, but the one time that I did try it, I was so scared of what it might actually do to me, that I don't think I was receptive enough to it for it to really work. Though, I do swear that it relaxed me enough or did whatever to me to allow me to wet my diaper while I was lying down in bed, which I'd never been able to do before or since that one time.

    So, I guess my main question is, has anyone ever done anything with hypnosis related to whatever fetish floats your boat and what are you experiences? Any other comments are welcome also.

    Hope everyone is having a nice day. Kind of rainy and dreary here. But, not too bad otherwise for me.

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    Grr...I was thinking of making a thread just like this today at school (I get bored >__>)...I've tried a bunch of hypnosis things from there, but they haven't had any effect...They don't really even relax me...There is one induction that I think did manage to put me out, but I'm not entirely sure...

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    I have hypnotized people before, and it is quite interesting to understand how it works.

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    You must believe it is going to work in order for it to do anything at all. If you have any fear, or doubt, it probably won't do squat to you. I've never tried them, so I can't say for sure, but I think this is all just a way to trick your mind, and make you more comfortable with wetting your diaper. If you think it will work, then it will.

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    I've tried self-hypnosis with the "Magic DPF Tape" that I was lucky enough to download off of Kazaa YEARS ago, and some of the WarpMyMind files.

    It's never really worked for me, but I've read a lot into hypnosis. I did notice though that the more I listened to it, the more it worked, but it never put me into a trance or anything like that. Whenever I'd listen to any hypnosis tapes it'd just basically put me into a somewhat VERY relaxed state. I'd open my eyes and actually feel groggy.

    I'd also have some very vivid thoughts when I was like that too. Very strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    Well it's hard not to have doubt...
    Not at all. You just are under the opinion that Hypnosis is mind control. It isn't. Hypnosis is the relaxing of the conscious mind to the point where the subconscious takes over, allowing phenomena never thought possible to happen.

    I've been pretty active with Hypnosis, starting with an induction from that website, and now with a club at school. I've learned how to put others in trance, and have a trance trigger put in me.

    Now, this all works because of the mind's complete control over your body. Most people hardly use their brain at all, and hypnosis is an extension of that. For it to work on you must think to yourself, "I accept the suggestion and I KNOW that it will work." Remember, when you are doing this with someone, they are not controlling you. If you do not accept suggestion it will not work! You are in complete control the whole time.

    The reason Hypnosis has the mind control connotation is because of the things stage hypnotists do. They disguise an amnesia suggestion in their acts, or they'll even use the opinion you have that it will induce amnesia of the process to make you forget what happened.

    Now, to share some of the fun stuff I've done with this. There are a number of Gotcha! inductions, which surprise you into a trance. I've done a number of these. I've attempted (in good fun with my friends) the Russian Scam, but I'm not quite good enough at the script portion. I've been on the receiving end of a Force Punch, which is a trick that makes the hypnotist able to punch you by making the motion towards you. My friend has made me forget the number 7, and the trigger I have already told you about. If any of you have any questions pertaining to the study or act of hypnosis, you need only ask me.

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    Well I've thought that it will work on me...But I guess there is still some doubt that it won't work

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    Back in 2006 I went to FrightFest at Six Flags Marine World over here in Northern California. Anyways me, my friend and my dad decided to check out a guy from Las Vegas who is a hypnotist. We got there sometime before the show started and we were in the front row so on a whim I raise my hand when the guy is picking members. He choses I think what was 20 of us and he checks all of our pulses and how clam we are to make sure we are prime to be hypnotized (we were facing a pretty big crowed of people after all).

    Anyways he gets rid of nearly half of us but thankfully I am left on the stage. He later explained that hynosis does not make you into a zombie or slave. It just s gets you to do what you normally wouldn't due. But if say he wanted all of us to fight to the death then we wouldn't of done that. So anyways he "made" me act like I was a member of Nsync and had me confront a woman in the stands about stealing my butt.

    I think the best part was where he "turned" another member of the group into Richard Simons and the guy got everyone to do jumping jacks but my dad in the front row couldn't and he got in my dads face about it like Richard Simons would do anyways. But the stuff on warp my mind is not calming to me at all so I don't think it would work for me. Also if I want to mess myself I can do that well enough on my own if I wanted to.

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    Hmmm i like these points. But besides warpmy mind, where can you get them?

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