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  • I LOVE Fast-food & eat it all the time!

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  • I Love Fast-food & eat only the un-healthy menu items.

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Thread: Fast Food Predicaments

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    Question Fast Food Predicaments

    Okay so like many Americans i realize fast-food is an issue in this country, we have tons of places, many varieties and a great deal of it isn't very healthy at all.

    When ever i go out and have fast food i try, at least once and a while to order something construably healthy such as a salad or chicken sandwich.

    Im curious as to how many of us here actually "gorge-out" when they eat fast foods and how many of us actually try to take a "healthier" approach.

    Un-healthy will be considered all Burgers,pizza's,hot-dogs, ...ect ect

    Healthy will be considered all Fish or chicken sandwiches (even thought they are usually not much healthier), salads, fruits, ...ect ect

    Let your opinions fly >

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    I try to eat healthy but i end up eating too much. But thats why i try to work out so i can stay my current size. But the only place i eat healthy is at arbys with there deli sandwiches. And that reminds me. I have been told that wendys has the unhealthyes burgers ever. I thought it was mc donalds. I was wrong.

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    Maybe you should add an option for "I both love and hate fast food."

    I love fast food for its taste, cost, and convenience. Whenever I eat it, though, I feel guilty knowing I could and should be eating something much better for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milla View Post
    Maybe you should add an option for "I both love and hate fast food."
    Its a multiple option poll u can choose more then one choice when you vote =P

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    Wendy's burgers taste rancid to me. I love their country style chicken wraps, however. I suspect it's because of the unhealthy ranch dressing they pour into it.

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    Wendys has the best seasonal .. the "Cheddar Lovers bacon Cheese Burger" it drips with guilty heart clogging deliciousness that can not be consumed regularly

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    The only fast food I ever indulge in is Whataburger, and it's usually while drunk.

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    Let me just say that I am one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. I could go on for hours about what foods I don't like. This is only part of it.

    I don't really mind fast food, but when I do eat it I prefer to go with the somewhat healthier choices. I love a good burger, but most fast food burgers are nasty so I tend to steer clear from them or order the fish or grilled chicken sandwich on the menu. When I am out with friends and we stop at one of the fast food joints, I usually just get a salad and my drink claiming that I am "not that hungry" or that "I just ate." I am not one for condiments and would rather taste the food instead of all of the sauces and spices in most food. I also don't like cheese, and many places don't serve regular hamburgers except on the kids menu anymore which leaves me SOL, or I have to custom order and get looks from everyone around. Even at Subway or other sandwich places, I order my sandwich "toasted (because I like warm, crispy bread), no cheese" but loaded with veggies (tomato, lettuce, banana peppers, pickles, onions), no dressings, or added spices. I like my sandwiches plain.

    There are few places that I don't have this predicament at. Arby's (I have always loved the classic roast beef sandwich), White Castle (The Sliders are just right), and Chick-Fil-A are the only ones I can think of at the time that I would eat the "normal" food instead of the healthier choices.

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    I have two issues with fast food places:

    (1) They're horribly expensive compared to other restaurants. That in itself stops be from pigging out at any kind of fast food place because I'd feel I get a really bad deal compared to stuff I could have elsewhere.
    (2) THere's plenty of other option with healtier food around here, so the few times a year I do enter an American-type fast food place, I don't see the point in eating healthy - I can do that elsewhere!


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    I looooooove the fast food, but I almost never have it, due to its unhealthiness. But when I do go to a fast food place, I have something *really* bad, like a double bacon cheeseburger or something. And extra fries, because the fries are the best part.

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