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Thread: Favorite Fast Food?

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    Default Favorite Fast Food?

    As I sit here eating my lunch... it dawns on me that we don't have a fast food thread. Ya' know... a place to talk about that artery hardening, salty, greasy goodness that we probably eat a lot more often than we should.

    My personal favorite is a Southern staple... good ol' Bojangles. They serve breakfast all day... and have some of the best fried chicken around. Not to mention their famous sweet tea. Their fries are wide cut and slammed with cajun seasoning... salty and delicious!

    I usually grab something from there 2-3 times a week. Either a couple of sausage biscuits for breakfast in the morning... or some chicken for lunch. You can't say you've ever been in the South till you've eaten at Bojangles.

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    I love Taco Bell soft taco supremes. I usually get three of them for lunch if I'm out around that time of day and near a TB restaurant. Yum!

    I also sometimes get the taste for a Burger King whopper meal or McD big mac meal. I try to have some from the 4 basic food groups each day - salt, sugar, grease, and caffeine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sickness View Post
    Checkers. Good greasy burgers and hot fries.
    They got my vote too, Checkers all the way! I would say sonic but I only been there twice because we do not have any in my state, so I can not go to it when I please but that is my REAL favorite.

    As for chicken fast food, my favorite is Chick-Fil-A.

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    Arby's reubens, boy! That's all I have to say about that! (Although I'm right there with Pramrider on the Taco bell!)

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    Hm, I'd have to say my favorites are Subway, Pita Pit, or Jimmy Johns.

    Bojangles, eh? I'll have to give that a try (I'll be in NC all summer).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    Checker's...Or Chic-Fil-A...
    You just named the best "traditional" American fast food places. I wish Checker's would open restaurants here - I miss them after leaving the U.S. again! I'm still laughing at the text on the back of their bags: "We'd never think about selling you a UFO - Unidentified Frying Object".

    As for my favorite fastfood: Döner Kebap!


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    Peachy ...

    ... that looks so good. I had actually been considering heading to Germany late this summer (if funds allow), and if the place that sells that is country-wide, I will definitely stop by and get one. It looks like a beef wrap of some sort!

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