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    Default Vintage Diaper Jackpot

    Wow I justgot lucky I visited this town in Florida just now on my way back to louisiana and found the ultimate jackpot. I couldn't believe it at all. I found 2 vintage packs of Attends with waistband. The plastic is so smooth and crinkly. They also had some red packqages of depends like 4 of those. I only got the Attends and costed 16 bucks per 18. Well worth it in my eye. I'm gonna stop at a rest area to put one on!

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    It's crazy that there are still packs floating around in stores. Nice find

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    Default Vintage or not, give me something highly functional of good value!

    MeTaLMaNN1983 Sounds like you got a good score. To me it's kismet if I stumble on a good find. My wife and I call them angels.For example If i get a fabuloue deal on Micro-brews, we say the beer angel is with me if I get a great deal on Adult Diapers, I say it is the diaper angel that has helped me out.

    The term "Vintage" and "Adult Diaper" seem to me to create an oxymoron. I cannot believe the prices that some get for these on ebay - seems utterly rediculous.

    I found a case of these (Vintage Attends) at one of the thrift stores I haunt. Cost me all of $3.00 (This worked out to less than 4.2 cents each).

    My current score is an ongoing supply of cases of Kendall Wings Plus Briefs (Not vintage) bringing my cost per diaper to 10 cents each.

    I'm as completly padded as a person can get for pennies a day. I always have a stock of other diapers that I can create boosters/liners with. To me it's all about as much as you can get for as little as you can pay. Let's put it this way - if I could get beer as cheaply as my main vice, (diapers) I would be a full blown alcoholic.
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    I searched the package and it says 1997 on it. I looked up on the attends website for store locations on my way back from FL. They had to in one small town. Thinking they had the crappy ones with cloth on them. I decided just to try. It worked out quite nicely. It was a small town called Perry, Just east of Tallahassee. I didn't go to the other one tho.

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    i always head into thrift stores to find some diapers but i never seem to find them. Lucky find

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