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Thread: Tea Time Anyone?

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    Default Tea Time Anyone?

    Any Tea drinkers here besides myself?

    I just finished a cup of my normal earl grey hot

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    I love tea. I'll usually either have Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong, which is considerably gentle on the belly. A great way to relax!

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    I'm English, so of course.

    Incidentally 'Tea Time' would be what I'd call 'Dinner'.

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    I love the stuff and can't really function as a human being without several cups a day. I like a decent variety of blends but I certainly favour black tea, with only the occasional cup of green or white sneaking in there.

    The varieties I tend to drink are English Breakfast (normally Yorkshire Tea), Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Redbush, Ceylong and Masala Chai. The English Breakfast with milk, no sugar and the others without anything additional.

    I am British, mind.

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    Darjeeling is the win, price of wales is good

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    I drink about a pitcher a week which will get me about 8 or so glasses and I put in about 8 packets of sweetner. I've tryed to drink that instead of soda; love soda but it's bad for you.

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    I love tea i drink it 24/7 or as often as i possibly can, and one of my favorite teas is Kusmi Tea and Passion herbal tea, but my true guilty pleasure is lipton iced tea mix (i know its not real tea just sugar and water) but i looove that stuff =P
    And *cough* wacky tea is great too

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    tea is very lovely, i like them all but i am quite the heavy green tea drinker, and the great thing about tea is it makes me pee.

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