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Thread: G'day guys

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    Default G'day guys

    Thought i'd better introduce myself a little.

    Im an aussie babyfur. I got put onto this site from a freind and its just what iv been searching for, its awsome to find (like im sure you all did) that im not the only one out there, hehe, cause in the most icolated city in the world it can start to feel that way lol. Ummm im 19, i fix computer for a job and incase your al wondering, my naqppy fetish is still pretty much a secret to freinds and family (despite wearing them around them all the time, none the wiser :-p)

    So ye, Hi *waves*

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    Hey, perthfur! *hugs*

    Nice to meet you! You happen to be in the same area as me! *grins*

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    All i can say is WOW.

    2 Perth babyfurs sign up within 2 hours of each other.


    Welcome to ADISC

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC. It's always good to see more fellow aussies join the forums. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! (What the, pizza smilie?? really?? Lol!

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    ZOMG - it's the Aussies invading all over again. I thought we had finally repelled them.

    On a more serious note: Welcome to ADISC. No need to be secret about your diapers here, or even wear pants over them. We'd recognize the crinkling anyway


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    hehehehe, "hit em with the ol' pea beu, and the bastards still come back"

    Cheers for the warm welcome guys, dont mind if i do *strips off pants* Ahhhhh! now this is much better! :-p

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this site and its helpful and supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Welcome to, comrade.

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