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Thread: ordering diapers without cell phone?

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    Question ordering diapers without cell phone?

    The online vendors ask for a cell phone number requires, and I don't have one and my parents dont let me get one. should i just put a random number, or put my home number, but will they actually call?

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    make up a random number. they would only call you if there was some dramatic problem with your order, and even then they'd probably email. i usually make up a random number even though i DO have a cell phone.

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    My site shouldnt require a phone number, if it does just put in all 5's :-)

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    Do not give your home number. I've had them call before just to verify the order.

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    Just give them a random number. If you return to the store to pick up your stuff and they tell you that they didn't get your stuff because they couldn't reach you on the phone, tell them you must have misspelled your number or something.
    Usually, I see no point why they would call you in the first place. If necessary, offer prepayment, then they have nothing to lose.


    P.S.: THread moved to the Diaper Talk-forum

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