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Thread: New Hampshire?

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    Default New Hampshire?

    I know I've already intro'd myself, but I just felt like taking the time to ask if there are any other diaper enthusiasts in NH.

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    It is natural to be interested in people who are not too far away, for chatting about local issues, and just feeling neighbourly;

    but there's a sensible tradition in these parts that looking for people to meet, in the intro forums is frowned on. It isn't very hard to find more ADISCERS in your state; and you can arrange things privately if you all so desire...

    But ADISC isn't based around making contacts for meetups right off the bat; prepare yourself for the barrage of replies stating we are not a dating site, that we are for making friends and getting to know people over time, that we are more interested in who you are: hobbies, interests, opinions, troubles, glories, and so on: than jumping across state lines just because we share fashion choices.

    We don't mean to sound hostile or unfriendly when those kind of replies are made, but I know, when a whack of them appear, it can seem, like WHOA!! I didn't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition!

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    welcome to ADISC!

    I am in NY, but there is a slew of people into AB/DL in MA and I even know a few in NH also! what hobbies/ interests/ sports/ music/ whatever are you into? (just curious)

    I started to like diapers @ 11. How old were you?

    welcome to ADISC! and Happy New Year
    ~ Will :0

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