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Thread: Exercising in diapers

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    Default Exercising in diapers

    This seems like it should have been discussed before, but I don't see anything of the sort in past topics.

    So I like running a lot. I do it as much as I can. I really want to wear a diaper while doing it though. Of course this leads to some very unpleasant rashes and such. I wondering if anybody out there does do a lot of exercise (running or not) in diapers. What's the best way to go about it? Are certain diapers better for this? Do I need to do anything special? Any help would be great

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    Exercising in diapers tends to 'break-in' a diaper so that it feels more natural to wear it. You know the feeling, when you put it on, it doesn't quite seem right; so exercising fixes that. Also, when you sweat (not if, unless you are incapable of), you diaper will absorb it and sweat smells... unique to one self. So unless your lightly exercising (just to keep in shape), it is advisable to change afterwords. Just my though.

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    Eh, this just doesn't sound like a very good idea at all, = / . I just don't see how it can be comfortable. OP, you have said yourself that running leads to rashes. I don't think the manufacturers really intended on their 'users' to be THAT physically active, so I'm not sure how you can go about cutting down these rashes that you are getting.

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    I do see the point...

    You do need to be healthy

    my advice...get some boxer briefs to keep everything a little more snug and put a little powder/oil on your legs to cut down on chafing and go for it.

    I am more of a weightlifter so I don't do a lot of running, but a workout in a diaper is kick ass when you get a chance (but I don't very often)

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    i do motocross and bmx in a cloth backed diaper the cheap plastics stick and give rashes but the cloth disposables are comfy for me when i ride so if it helps

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    I tried working out in diaper and I hated it. The sweat that drip on your lower back will not get absorbed by the top part of the diaper and you will feel wet. Not to mention the excessive heat and bulk that make leg workout a pain in the ass.

    If I had no choice, I'd wear a slim pad or a pullup.

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    I usually go with the thinner diapers.

    You may find the last thread of some use, but don't feel bad about starting a new thread. The newest one I found was from last year.

    Old exercise and diaper thread

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    I don't believe it's a good idea. If Its a bulky diaper or if you do them up especially tight the tapes may break. And then there's the rashes, sweat and general heat to worry about - diapers are hot and that can't really be helped unless you were to stick cold water down there.

    Personally, I don't like to do things while wearing diapers. It makes me feel very weird. This can be something as simple as watching a TV show, I feel seriously uncomfortable if I'm padded. I've only worn out a couple of times, and naturally, been really nervous and weird. I like to keep my DL life and my "normal" life as far apart as possible.

    But I don't think it's a good idea to do exercise in diapers. But I have a question - why would you want to? It's uncomfortable enough doing it in the Australian heat without a diaper making it worse! (Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant to be padded when its cooler. ;-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    I don't see the point...little upside and very big downside (rashes etc).
    If you're a fully functional ABDL, then you might have a point. But let's not forget about those who are actually incontinent, for whom there is no option. I would say stick with something tight, stretchy, and cloth-backed, like goodnites or a pullup. I would also avoid diapers that have particularly large crotches or extra material (like Tena's). As long as it hugs your body, stays put, and is breathable, I think you'll be fine.

    Also, I'd like to add that over the summer, in the blazing California heat, I did outdoor manual labor in a pullup pretty frequently, and that definitely constitutes exercise. It was fine, and not nearly as hot or sweaty as I thought it would be.

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