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Thread: Your Windows System Rating

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    Default Your Windows System Rating

    For those who have Windows Vista (I imagine windows 7 had it also) , what is your window's system rating?

    To find out:
    Start Menu - Right Click Computer - Select Properties - It's the 3rd line Under System.

    Mine is 5.9, can anyone beat?

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    Butterfly Mage


    NETBOOK. Rating = 1.0

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    Jokes! (that's the highest rating.)

    I think mines 5. something

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    When I was running Win7 it was a 6.9; decent, I guess.

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    Mine's 3.4, but it's not a gaming computer, simply business. The other ratings range between 5.5 and 5.9. Gaming's done on my X-box 360. Music is done on my keyboards and Tascam digital recording/mixing board. I'd rather work with dedicated hardware.

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    on my core i7 920 rig the rating is.. 1337.. and ... over 9000
    fiiine I'll tell you this silly rating...7.9
    if the rating went to 1337 my GPU's would goto 1338, my CPU to 1339 and my HDD's to 1340
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    posting picture partially because the kid linked to a thing saying the rating was to 5.8 but he no sees that's old. but i already took the picture.

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    Mine is 5.8 with an E8400, the hard drive is the slowest part. My other CPU, an old E2160 gives a lousy 4.6.

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    My laptop is at 5.0. The highest is the CPU score at 5.7.

    The higher scores on Vista aren't directly comparable to those on 7 as Vista maxes scores out at 6 while Windows 7 maxes out at 8

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