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Thread: Best Target Diapers?

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    Default Best Target Diapers?

    As a late XMAS gift, I got a 20 dollars Target giftcard, along with 20 dollar bill. I was wondering:

    What are the best diapers I can get for around 40 bucks at Target? I was planning on getting them during the week, on the dorm van trip to Target, if I can.

    Also, if I do get these diapers, how do I get rid of them, without getting caught, after I'm done using them?

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    I haven't really seen any quality diapers at Target, only the Depends and the store-brand. But, the Up And Up diapers that they have for babies (size 6) are bigger than a Pampers Size 7. So, perhaps you could use the baby diapers as stuffers for the depends or a store-brand brief?

    And, as for how to get rid of them, it depends on the trash system at your school. What I'd recommend, though, is sealing them in gallon-size ziplock bags, then throwing them out in a large trash receptacle when you get the chance.

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