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    Hey guys. I'm new to this site, but not the scene. I've got a diaperspace account under the same name if you want to find me on there.

    I joined this site hoping to find a more mature side to our scene (pretty oxy-moronic, i know) because i'm just sick of all the other ab/dl sites filled with porn and fakes.

    i hope i came to the right place....

    As for myself, I'm a 22 year old student from Colorado, mostly DL, but I can't help letting the AB in me out once in a while too.

    I'm looking to make friends and have a few good conversations, so feel free to chat and ask any questions (as long as their not related to your diaper) and i'd love to answer them.

    see ya surfin' the boards!

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    Hello and welcome. You finds all sorts of folk here but no porn. Well i havent looked for any here. I grew up in Denver well Aurora so nice to see another Coloradoan. Anyways welcome from Gizmo

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    Hi. Croeso (Welcome in Welsh) - What interests do you have apart from the shared interests that we have on this site? I enjoy walking, camping, skiing (not much snow in Wales though) and do a bit of DTP for friends. (Was a printer one time in my past life).
    Hope you have lots of fun and make lots of new friends. Iechyd Da (Good health)

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedartist View Post
    I joined this site hoping to find a more mature side to our scene (pretty oxy-moronic, i know) because i'm just sick of all the other ab/dl sites filled with porn and fakes.

    i hope i came to the right place....
    You did, you did. Porn & fakes... don't forget 50 yo hairy-legged guys in their sissy outfits! (I am convinced those games are way more fun as first person than third person games... ...)

    Now I have nothing against sites that serve a particular market, especially arousal-based ones; I am all for sexual arousal, especially my own. But ADISC serves needs other than those. So yeah, what you have to say about trains, NFL, guns, politics, religion, other isms, music, is all welcome here; even metastuff like talking about ADISC on ADISC...

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    Why the name "diaperedartist"? Are you an artist?
    Just curious, if one of us starts (or purchases) a diaper company, could we commission you for kool "diaper designs"

    Any ideas anyone for designs? (thinking of cartoon characters right now)


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    Why the name "diaperedartist"? Are you an artist?
    I love all art in general really. I play music (Bass in a band plus some side project ambient and drone work with a few friends) I act /direct in theatre and film, mostly theatre though, it's my major at the university. I dabble in painting and drawing although I don't think i'm very good at it, it's still fun to do from time to time. I love watching films and reading really big books too (Pynchon changed my life.).

    maybe one of these days I'll post some pictures of my house, my roomates and i have painted murals all over the walls of our favorite album artwork and other cool things (ranging from a life size John Lovitz to a galaxy.....)

    yeah, other than art, film, theatre, music, and the like, I enjoy hiking (Colorado is perfect for that) biking, other random outdoorsyish things.I'm a pretty easygoing guy...

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    Welcome then, And luckily: Yes, you have come to the right place. This is one of the 2 AB/DL fora I have found on the net that does not have porn on it (the other one is the dutch AB/DL fora)

    You said that you where in a band, what kind of music do you play?

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    mostly experimental folk music, but that's a sound that's kinda hard to put a finger on. There's nine people in the band (4xguitar (at times), 2 drumers, bass, keyboard, violin, and lots of random noise makers in between, oh, and everyone sings.

    Our influences are: post-rock, folk, jazz, noise, drone, shoegaze, indie, and lots and lots more. (people say we sound like a mix of the Velvet Undergound, Broken Social Scene, Pavement, and Do Make Say Think) it's pretty groovy stuff.....

    If you'd like to hear our music, i can send you a link, I'm just rather hesitant posting it all over the AB/DL world for obvious reasons.

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