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    Hey guys,

    I have ordered myself some "Depend Pants Easy Fit Super" nappies and i was wondering if anyone has had these before? Also on the packaging it shows a nappy, with tapes but the name begs to differ, i.e. "Depend Pants" so i dont know what to believe, i just hope they are the tapes and not pull up as i dont like pull ups. anyway, any advise or reviews would be nice.


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    Are they the same as the Depend Fitted Breifs? if they are then they are decent. Everyone here rags on depends but here in the states its pretty much all you can get at a drug store. Well they are better than the generic ones. I use them at night and really dont have any problems. My only complaint would be no diaper has absorbancy on the sides. Thats where most my leaks come from. As far as absorbancy, they are good. Not as good as molicare, but i can only get those in one store here in GA.

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    OMG guys... these kind of diapers/nappies, i adivse NOT to buy. They arent fitted which means LEAKS are a huge problem. The first time i put one on i was walking home from the shop and thought, i needed a pee so i pee'ed. Embarrassing or what??? I started to leak, thankfully i was wearing black jogging bottoms and you couldnt notice it but really guys, these brand of nappies are not worth it. Now i have another 14 to get through, great.


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