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Thread: How much does your childhood affect your ABDLism?

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    Default How much does your childhood affect your ABDLism?

    I was toilet trained late so I have many memories of diapers and toilet training and I've missed it all a lot since those years which is why I'm a DL. I'm not an AB because for one thing I'd rather be a toddler and I can't play make believe alone or online. I would like to engage with a wife eventually but I know this is slim to none and it just kind of makes me mad. I'd like to be able to leave my chilhood years behind like most people but at the same time I don't because those were fun years. I feel like I need to see a therapist or sex therapist for this. Anyone else feel this way?

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    This topic, or some variation of it, is quite a common one on here, it seems. I understand why though, a lot of people are interested in discussing the many ways in which ABDLism can get started.

    I was also potty trained fairly late, so I do have a few memories from those times. I do know that I loved diapers and didn't want to be trained back then, but had to cave to external pressure to give them up. I have always wanted to return to wearing them. Well, it's more reality too now, as I do wear pretty much every night . I did like those fun years, and I don't mind creating new fun years by wearing diapers again now!

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    This is a question I'd love to know the answer to, but with both parents gone the chances of ever knowing the answer are nil. I strongly feel something must have happened in very early childhood for me to have the AB feelings I do, but just what that *something* was will never be known at this point in time. I've just contented myself with knowing I'm not alone in this world and have many others on this site who understand and are dealing with similar feelings.

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    I think my childhood affected me a lot in this sense .... i know i was born with an affinity towards diapers but my childhood definitely egged it on, its weird how fate works....

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    It has been discussed a little here,

    but I'm not sure my childhood effected it at all, really. I had an AWESOME childhood with two loving parents. Because of this, I really think it was something I was born with.

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    Well, this is probably going way overboard for the sentiment of the original Post, but I'll tread on the side of descretion.
    As a child of csa, (and just about every other sort of evil), I certainly never felt 'safe' as a kid. I don't know the full depth of how this affects me now, except that, once I got over the shame of needing diapers for my incontinence, and started to accept them, I discovered that wearing them made me feel 'safe'. To be blunt, they are added protection down 'there'.

    So, I'm interested in the psychology of childhood experiences relating to AB/ADL too. I guess.


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    My childhood was an excruciatingly painful experience for me. I was diagnosed with autism at an early age, and I had all sorts of behavioral problems (essentially I would break into tears over everything minor that happened to me) up until the end of high school. As a result, I was tormented and bullied by all of my classmates, and when I went to the teachers and counselors around me to look for guidance, they just turned around and told me that I deserved to get beaten up on a daily basis (without fail, it seems). Things got worse when I turned 12, and my mother married my stepfather, who was a man who absolutely loved to literally smack me around over every little thing (such as missing a spot while mopping the kitchen floor, etc). Add in the fact that I was sexually abused by a camp counselor when I was 10 (who yelled into my ear about how I would never be worth anything and that everybody would always hate me while he was having his way with me).

    I guess my interest in being an AB could have something to do with the fact that I want to experience some form of childhood experience that does not completely suck.

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    I know why I am into diapers.

    I was bullied, rejected, different than my peers, mom get mad at me for not acting my age, and the old you get the more that gets expected out of you. I couldn't tell age difference so anything I saw kids doing, I copied them thinking it was okay not understanding I am not supposed to act that way.

    I think my AS might have taken a toll to this fetish because that was the reason for why I was an outcast and couldn't fit in, I was picked on because I was different, and the fact I had no concept of age difference and people with autism tend to act younger than their age and have difficulty understanding social cues. How was my mother supposed to know? She learned eventually but it was already too late, I was already into this. Now she blames herself and thinks she might have done something wrong so she blocks it out. She says she did her best.

    Back when I was a baby, there was no responsibility, no bullying, I didn't have to worry about anything, things were so much easier. I remember how much I liked my diapers when I was little. I didn't want to quit and then I did finally at age three. If I didn't have AS, I might not have taken the pathway to this fetish. I am aware people off the spectrum have this fetish because lot of us were bullied and our baby hoods was a safe place to be. Some get into this by curiosity rather than wishing they were babies again.
    I don't think it's something everyone is born with because I sure wasn't into diapers for six years. I had no desire for them but yet I liked peeing in pull ups. I also had no desires to be a baby and all but wish I could be little so I wouldn't have to go to school and have homework. But I loved my diapers when I was a baby. Might have been a sensory thing because I liked the feeling of peeing in them. But then again there are also kids off the spectrum who like their diapers. Kids who don't want to quit wearing are most likely a DL and will grow up to be one because most babies don't like wearing them. Some are just neutral and don't care they wear them so when they get toilet trained, they don't care that their diapers got taken from them while babies who didn't like wearing them are probably happy.

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    Like Nicky, I had a pretty normal childhood. I went to a very small school, I knew everybody and got along with everybody, and grew up in a very close family. I remember very little from my early childhood, but I'm pretty sure I potty trained at a very early age, so that may have had something to do with it, but I really don't know for sure.

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    My childhood was pretty great, even when realizing in retrospect how poor my family was. That said, I think my childhood did take a big part in it, but in a different form.

    I'm the eldest of four children. While I don't recall every feeling jealous, I was sort of expected to be the 'grown up big brother' (part of the expectation put on myself), which may have made me push myself a little faster than I may have been ready for.

    Ah well, tis a glorious life nonetheless. :V

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