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Thread: Good RGPS for the PSP

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    Default Good RGPS for the PSP

    Any good grid based games for this system?

    And no one say FF Tactics or you will be kicked with my Energy Legs!

    Thanks for the help

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    Well, there's Final Fantasy Tactics...

    and Disgaea, i think that had a PSP release...

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    Disgaea did indeed have a PSP release and I highly recommend it if you have never played it.

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    Then difinitely Disgaea

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    If you get a Nintendo emulator you can get Fire Emblem for the PSP. I don't exactly know how, but my friend has it on his PSP and has let me play it. That game is great!

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    I agree with link. But which Fire emblem? If you are getting an emulator I recommend getting the first english one (the seventh japanese one) and the most recent english (which is a remake of the first japanes one. the one wih Marth.) the old one needs a GBA emulator, but the new one is on DS

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    i played the one on the ds and hated it....too limiting and too hard to be honest

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