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Thread: How you can save money and the planet.

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    Default How you can save money and the planet.

    I read an article about this last month... and just recently saw it on TV as well.

    If each household in america were to change a single lightbulb to the new "compact flourescent" type (Ya' know... the little twisty spiral bulbs) the energy savings and resulting reduction in pollution would be equal to taking 11 million cars off the road.

    So please kids... tell your parents. The bulbs don't cost but a few dollars more to buy. They last for years so you rarely ever have to replace them... and they will lower your power bill.

    I switched every single bulb in my little apartment to one of these... and my power bill dropped by $20 a month. Think of what you guys living in 2-3 bedroom houses can save by simply changing your lightbulbs.

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    Aye, its the little things we all do that will end up saving us big time in the long run.

    Another thing you can do to save money and the environment is to buy those big 2.5 gallon jugs of water instead of bottled. You use less plastic, get more for your money, and everyone can do it. Don't forget to recycle the used container!

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    Yeah I talked to my parents about this already. They use them in al the lights in the basement and I think maybe a and four more on the 1st floor. So thats really only about 30-35% of working light bulbs in our house. They are just lazy basically. I basically am the one getting on their ass about eniormental stuff most of the time. If I catch them throwing a big peice of cardboard or plastic in the trash I flip out on them. Specially because they have done recycling most of their lives and we have recycling pick up and place for it in our house so their just being lazy. Now is the worst time to be lazy with it for as bad as enviorment is getting.

    I do feel really guilty about diapers, that soooo much waste. If they made a good biodegradable(sp?) one I would sooo buy it haha.

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