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Thread: I'm doing a review ^_^

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    Default I'm doing a review ^_^

    Okay, so this is my review of the Dollar General sleep pants size L/XL. They come in a pack of 12 and cost 7 dollars plus tax (Where I live, anyways) They are basically the same thing as Goodnites, and possibly even better I have a size 34 waist and they fit me perfectly and they hold A LOT of fluid. I drank two huge cups of water and a few glasses of Coke just to see, and of course, shortly after I had to go soooo bad it burned a little (Whoops, waited too long lol) So to test it, I had a complete bladder evacuation (Sounds weird XD) and it held it all. It was heavy. Very heavy XD I don't know about messing yet, but I'm gonna try soon. It's basically the same design as all store brands, that white color with a blue back threading and it had one feature that made it seem even more like a baby/toddler diaper (IMO) Those thin green panels on the sides of the absorbent pad that kinda cup your legs. I love those They are extremely discreet and I easily wear around a small group of people. Don't do this if they're super wet lol They bulge a lot (something else I love) and I didn't notice any leaking so far, but I don't know how prone I am to leaking. The fluid seems to concentrate in the center as well. I'm going to see how well hidden they are under skinny jeans some time (I have a ton of skinny jeans) So, yeah. Do I recommend them?

    If you can't buy online and want cheap ones... HELL YES

    So I give the packaging a 9/10, the fit a 9/10, the absorbency a 9.5/10, the presentation of the diaper (look of it), a 7/10
    I guess everyone will have a different opinion though lol

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    I had no idea that Dollar General had their own brand. Alas, I don't think I'd fit in them, however thank you for the review.

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    Nice and complete test! I'm canadian, so here dollar stores do not sell diapers, but they look good. Are they better than Underjams? (If you tested them, of course ^_^)

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    Thanks for the comments guys Tails, in my opinion Underjams would probably be better. I tried them once, and I absolutely loved them.

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