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Thread: Heya from another BabyFur

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    Default Heya from another BabyFur

    Hey guys My name's Kodiak and i'm a 19 y/o babyfur living in Manchester, UK with my Daddy

    Am a musician and veterinary nurse, but currently unemployed.

    Not sure what else to say about myself other than Hi

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    Well Hello there!
    Make yourself at home an all that. Hope you can find something you like here

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    your name says puppy so I'm gonna assume your a puppy..... YAY PUPPY *toddles over and pets the cyoot puppy* =^.^=

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    Hey welcome to the site hope you settle in alright and make some new friends so best of luck and hope to hear more from you.

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    Hi. Croeso (Welcome in Welsh) I'm glad we have another furry on the site as it helps to keep my fingers warm as I type out my messages.
    Seriously, welcome and have lots and lots of fun.

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    Glad to see another furry! The name's Scritcher, or Syd. Welcome!

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    welcome to ADISC Kodiak... hmm, I'm sure I know you from somewhere/when but I cant place it.. oh well

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    Welcome! its cool to see a new furry here!

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    Corri: Thanks alot

    Kitsuno: I am a puppy yes In the puppy play sense

    FuzzyRabbit: Thanks again ^_^

    Bigboy: Thanks for the warm welcome

    Scritcher: Thanks

    Colfpup: You do know me, it's Wulfgar :P

    Foxcub: Thanks man

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