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Thread: Tomorrow is likely to be the day

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    Default Tomorrow is likely to be the day

    Sooo I live within biking distance of a Walgreens and when I'm nervous and in a hurry, I'm like a friggin pro biker lol there's a chance my parents might go out tomorrow and they let me stay home, and if I want to leave for the dollar store, I can call and see if I'm okay to go there (My parents don't want me going to Walgreens cuz of traffic nearby) crazy, huh? So if I get permission, I am going to go to Walgreens and get some of their generic sleep pants (Just gotta try 'em lol) and get home quick as possible. I'm gonna try to be stealthy on a Solid Snake level for this one Sooo, yeah. I thank you if you read this lol Any advice or anything is greatly appreciated

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    Just play it cool... Don't be nervous, and if you're afraid of being noticed, take a backpack so you can stash them

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    Thanks for the reminder on the backpack thing. I think I'll try that considering I'd be alone and nobody will ask why I have a backpack now lol

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    When it's your first time buying, when it's anyone's first time buying, nervousness is always the Achillies Heel of any seemingly bulletproof plan. Before you go, just like undertaking any ordeal, focus only on your goal; wipe your mind of anything aside from making your purchase.

    Just go in, grab your diapers, walk to the register, pay for your item, and leave the store.

    Since it's your first time, here are some general tips that have helped me out in the past:
    • Never stall. If you stall, you only end up pacing around the store for twenty minutes like an expectant father with the clap. It is at this time when you are most likely to chicken out and leave empty handed.
    • Avoid a lot of eye contact. No one is judging you, and if they are it is certainly not their place to do so, but for some reason this seems to help. You feel more anonymous, more discreet.
    • The only time you wait for any reason is for the shortest checkout line. During my first few times there was nothing more nerve wracking than waiting in a long checkout line, holding a package of diapers. It just prolongs the pain; don't put up with that.
    • Buy a few other things with your diapers. If you have the ability to haul it and the extra coin, maybe pick up a magazine, a half gallon of milk, or something else. That way it looks more like you were just sent by your mom to pick up some things from the store. Like I said before, no one is judging you for making a simple purchase of an everyday item, but this takes a bit of the pressure off.
    • When waiting in line, pull out your cell phone and pretend to be in a call. It distracts you from what you're doing and also makes people less likely to interrupt you. Only deviate from the call to thank the cashier for your change and wish them a nice day.

    These might not work for you, but they've all helped me out.

    One last note: Buy Goodnites instead of the generic sleep pants. They have the same cost for a much better quality. Besides, the girls Goodnites have some really cute designs ^_-

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    Thanks ^_^ I would get Goodnites, but I don't think I'll fit in them anymore and I hear the generics stretch really good. (About 34 waist, est. 180 lbs) I'll give it a shot, but I dunno

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    Goodnites fit well for most I've found, as they are made for teenages. Don't let the weight on the package fool you; many diapers can fit a lot more than they let on, I myself can fit into a size 6 baby diaper with a squeeze.

    That being said, I've got a 30'-ish waist. 34' or so will fit an XL Goodnite just fine. If you are adamant though, there's not much of an appreciable difference save for a slightly smaller capacity and lack of designs (Which is, in my opinion, a significant drawback. Who doesn't love butterflies and ballerinas? )

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    ^^^ totally agree on the cute designs ^_^ thanks. Goodnites were my firsts after toilet training. I think I got them in '07... Yeah it's been awhile lol

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    ya good nights were my first too. And they do stretch pretty well so don't worry about it too much. Also the only way someone would ever really suspect they were for you specifically would be if you said so, or if you walked up wearing one that's obvious otherwise people just assume its for someone else . Its really not a big deal I mean they stock a good amount of them because a good amount of people do buy them so you buying them really won't throw up some kind of red flag for the cashier. But good luck hopefully you get them and don't get caught =^.^=

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    It's natural to be nervous when buying your first diapers. I still remember the first time I picked up some myself...I was sweating bullets.

    Just remember that pretty much everyone you'll come across in this diaper crusade are too wrapped up in their own lives to pay much attention to you. As long as you act natural and get in and out with as little dawdling as possible, no one will care that much about you. Even the cashiers don't really notice what you're buying. Since I'm one myself, I can say that most of us have the mentality of "find bar code, scan bar code, bag, gone." You could be buying every diaper brand there and the cashier will be too wrapped up in getting you finished as soon as they can to notice that this kid is buying lots of diapers.

    Milla had a good suggestion of pretending to be in a cell phone call. I wouldn't have thought of that, but it does seem like a great cover. Go for it!

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