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    Smile Hey

    Hey all,

    Is there anyone here from Northern Ireland?

    Baby Ginger

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    Hey there!
    I'm not from Ireland, though I am Irish. I know there are members from Ireland, though, so I'm sure there are some from the north.

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    I'm from the country next door? Sorry about having to beat you in the Six Nations 2010 (Teeheehee) Seriously -may the best side on the day win.

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    Hello from Savannah GA! I bet Ireland is just beautiful. My wife wants to live there when we retire. Lol mexicans living in Ireland. "Hey mate, where do you have to go to get a decent breakfast burrito around here?!" Lol. Anyways welcome and have fun.

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    No, but I was just in Belfast last month. Love your country, man. I had such a great time and everyone there is so nice and fun. And, its a hell of a lot cheaper than Ireland. I got a huge breakfast and a beer for 4 pounds. Cheapest out of anywhere I traveled, and I went to quite a few countries. and, it was good, which was nice .

    I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but just wanted to say that N. Ireland, despite its interesting past, is a great place. I recommend that everybody travel there.

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    im in the south if thats any help more precisely leinster, and even more precisely meath

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Im sure ill meet someone from N.Ireland some day on this. lol. But yeah, Belfast is a nice city. Very cheap also compared to other places, for example, a bushmills and coke (whiskey and coke) is only 3.30 in Belfast whereas in London its 6.80. You should all come visit Belfast at some point but here, its magical at Christmas time.

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    Love me some bushmills. Though, I do gotta say, we americans do have whiskey on lock down. Nothin' beats a good bourbon. You drink any Makers Mark over there? Love that stuff...

    Anyways, back on topic . I stayed at Vagabonds hostel. That place is awesome. Run be a real nice couple. Super clean, lots of free pasta in the kitchen. I hear other hostels in Belfast can be a bit dingy, so if you go there, stay at Vagabonds. Northern Ireland, because of its history, hasn't gotten a lot of tourism. But it is starting to pick up. I highly recommend anyone who is remotely in the area to go. If you go south to Ireland and Dublin, you'll just spend a lot of money. Nothin against Ireland, that is really great too. But just don't skip some Belfast.

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    I'm from Dublin but I live in Scotland now.

    Doesn't really help, does it. D:

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