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Thread: Diapered with kids??

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    Default Diapered with kids??

    My wife (who happily encourages my diaper wearing) asked me last night:
    What are you going to do about your diapers if/when we have kids?

    To be honest I haven't got a clue! I wonder if it will bring an abrupt end to something in my life that I really enjoy.

    I thought I'd put it to the forum and find out how it affects any other members with children.

    I'm wondering:

    How often do you get to wear?
    What age/s are your kids?
    Do they know about your diaper wearing?
    What measures do you use to manage it?
    Will having kids completely kill my liking towards diapers anyway?

    Any information would be hugely appreciated.

    (I apologise if I am raising a thread on an already covered topic. The search function baffles me completely!)

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    When ABDLs have children of their own
    This article may help you. I'm only 16, and so I don't have kids of my own - but, I can give you resources that might help.

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    My wife (who happily encourages my diaper wearing) asked me last night:
    What are you going to do about your diapers if/when we have kids?

    To be honest I haven't got a clue! I wonder if it will bring an abrupt end to something in my life that I really enjoy.

    I thought I'd put it to the forum and find out how it affects any other members with children.

    I'm wondering:

    My responses - Diapered Rabbit:

    How often do you get to wear?

    Now unless they are visiting me or I am at there place visiting I can wear any time anywhere.
    When my children were with or around me NEVER. I was divorced and separated from them for a large percentage of the year, so, diaper/adult baby paraphernalia abstinence during my visits and extended vacations with them was of little consequence.

    What age/s are your kids?

    Mine are adults now - starting their own families. I kept my diaper wearing and adult baby activities completely private during their entire childhood and this continues and will remain a completely private matter.

    Do they know about your diaper wearing?

    SEE ABOVE Because this is an aspect/part of your adult sexuality, I personally feel it has NO PLACE to be involved in and around your kids, PERIOD! No, your children should not know or be subject to these aspects of your Sexual/adult life ever.

    What measures do you use to manage it?

    Diaper use and adult baby play should be a private matter between you and your wife/partner in your master bedroom and bath only, (like most other aspects of your sexuality). Even your baby/diaper related laundry should be handled privately and discretely, your children need not be exposed to this. If you vacation without your children (Children at grandparents etc.) then, and only then, can you "let it all hang out", go 24/7 or whatever else might floats your boat, cranks your scooter or fills your diaper.

    Will having kids completely kill my liking towards diapers anyway?

    If you are like most of us, it is highly unlikely that having children will result in ending a long-standing fetish or interest in diapers or adult baby play. You may become busier in your parental role and subsequent diaper and baby involvement that accompanies your new role as a dad.
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    I don't really plan on having kids. One of the reasons is specifically this. It'd be too awkward. I'd like to be a teacher, though, but that's kind of different.

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    At this point, I don't plan on having kids either, but if I did, I'd probably have to either give it up, or keep it confined to a very limited frequency. It'd be extremely awkward if they found out, and it wouldn't be worth risking that.

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    Diapers are more emotional/comforting for me than sexual, although I would say that at this point they're some of each. So here is my answer to your questions, reworded for the young and future-thinking among us.

    How often do think you will you get to wear?

    I don't see any problem with putting the kids to bed, padding up, and sleeping like that, getting up early to clean up.

    What age/s are your kids?

    OK, the above thing probably wouldn't work when they're teenagers. I hope that my older self is not so ignorant as to believe that he will have privacy. I know plenty about my parents that they don't think I know, and the particularly embarrassing things (condoms and spermicidal lube... >_< there, I said it) I found by accident.

    I honestly don't know myself what I will do about my infantilism while raising teenagers. 'Tis a baffling problem to me. Perhaps high security would work (e.g. a safe or locked closet containing the materials), but I don't want to look like I even have anything to hide.

    Will they know about your diaper wearing?

    If they find out about it, well shit. If I know they know about it for sure, I'll sit them down and have an age-appropriate conversation. I don't want to lie to them ("Daddy sometimes wets the bed when he sleeps") but I'm not going to tell my 6-year-old son about fetishes and paraphilias.

    Ideally, they'll never find out. It's a matter that should stay between me and my wife.

    If I wear around them, it will be only in the following circumstances:

    • We are on a long car trip, and we're doing the diapers thing anyway (yes, I plan to do this... not because I love diapers, but because I hate rest stops).
    • The kids are little, and will not notice the bulge in my pants.

    Under no circumstances will my children ever see the diaper. Never.

    What measures will you use to manage it?

    I would feel horrible by having a locked chest, closet or other storage medium with all my diapers in it. I can't do that to my kids. Mommy and Daddy aren't supposed to have troves full of things that are hidden. I intend to give myself fully to my kids, and appear to them as having nothing to hide.

    Am I betraying their trust by hiding something and not telling them that I have things which are hidden? That's a Mature Topic. I personally think it's a necessary evil, and I think it's better than fueling a curiosity in my kids about Mommy and Daddy hiding something in the chest in their bedroom closet.

    Will having kids completely kill my liking towards diapers anyway?

    Puberty didn't kill it and starting college didn't kill it, so I don't see why having kids would.


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    Well, if you wore diapers with kids, you would have to be extremely sure hey never se it or find out, and keep it completely separate from them.

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    I've been a diaper lover since I was 4. When I first got married and had children, I didn't wear. It was tough, but I had other diversions. By the time the children were 4 and 1, we moved as I took a new job. Because I had Fridays, off, I would wear and do my thing while I cleaned the house. My kids were at school and my wife at her job. Wearing just on Friday was enough.

    I kept all of this hidden, not only from my kids, but also my wife. It was only 2 years ago that she discovered, and has been very supportive. Personally, I would keep it from your children. You will have to be discreet, but it can be done. I wear cloth and I hang them up in the farthest part of the basement until I have enough to put in the washing machine. I do this because the kids still come by.

    This Christmas I had a house full of family and so I didn't wear. I feel the pressure of not being able to wear, but I know that the last member will leave on Wednesday, so I can hold out.

    I think you have to remember that as a parent, you parent by setting examples for behavior. Because we are who we are, we ponder what made us the way we are. Was it the parenting of our parents? With that in mind, I think you have to be careful about what you do, say, and show. Being a big baby might be very confusing to your kids. I'm not saying that you would dress as a big baby, but they might see just diaper wearing that way. We don't know what kind of psychological impact that might have. I would always err on the side of caution.

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    To the OP who said parents shouldn't keep things hidden and locked away I don't understand that as I'm sure every parent keeps things hidden and even locked away. As far as kids go I'm hopeful I can find a wife at this point that is open minded and understanding about the fetish I'm not holding my breath for one that will participate because that has to be so rare. If I was also fortunate enough to have kids I will keep it hidden if necessary under lock and key. The only aspect that would affec the kids is that I will let them decide when to be toilet trained when they are truly interested.

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    OK, now speaking as a new daddy. My daughter is two months old, so I am still at a point where I can still indulge, and not have her know.

    I can tell you, as I am taking on more father roles, my infantilism desires are fading more and more. I am changing poopy diapers everyday, and when I wear, I get less desire to wet mine.
    I wear at night after she is in bed, or when my wife is taking care of her, so I dont go around wearing while handling the baby. That is one of the rules I made for myself.

    Since my wife wears for her monthly woman reasons, I dont think our kids will be weirded out by seeing adult diapers in the house. We arent going to make a big deal if she ever finds out, and we are going to teach her that diapers are inherently bad.

    When she gets older, I dont think I will ever wear while she is in the house, because I know for a fact, when kids get into the preschool ages, they tend to say a lot of their observations, and I don't want one of them to be "Daddy wears diapers too!"

    I think from a psycological standpoint, that I get all the security and desire I need from just holding and caring for my baby, instead of wanting to be one myself. That works for me.

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