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Thread: Christmas Eve and Day - who was wearing?

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    Default Christmas Eve and Day - who was wearing?

    So who was wearing? What were you wearing over your diapers? What was the context? What was your experience?

    I was at the in-laws and wore Tena Flex Super, plastic pants, pleated corduroy pants. It went very well. My wife was very supportive. Nobody said anything when I went to brush my teeth with padding under my PJs. The only problem were the used diapers. I had to carry them out to the trash myself.

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    I put on an X-Plus, Abena, 8PM X-Mas eve that lasted till 6PM X-Mas day. A new record for me and some leakage since it was one of the new ones. I was hoping to push it to 24hrs but #2 happened. I live alone and have no relatives in the area. I did a conference call with my folks and sister while in it.
    Christmas depresses me. When I'm depressed diapers often help.

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    Well I know you mean wearing to the family events and get together but I did diaper myself up after having a lot of beers... To be honest, I don't remember padding myself up... But boy, was I glad to wake up in a soaked diapee in the morning hehehe

    though my night time buddy, mister teddles was MIA ;_;

    I did get to walk around my house in my pjs over my diaper making an audible crinkling noise as I got some water and soup to nurse my light hangover. Kinda fun, with everyone passed out all over my house

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    i wore a depends max. on Christmas eve night and a depend for men that day because of family..i wanted to be real discrete...but it was real fun.

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    I would have liked to but I work x-mas eve till after 1:00 a.m. I was soo tired I passed out shortly after I got home. X-mas day I had a 2 hour drive to visit family so no time there. I wish I was diapered on my way home. My bladder was near bursting by the time I got home.

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    Raises hand. I was and heck on new years eve and day as well

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    OK I got a bit of a story here. But I will try to be brief

    I did wear a little bit on christmas eve, but took it off before a church service at 7

    when we got home after midnight mass... I told my dad about the whole diaper thing.

    we shared some good words. He accepted me for who I was...and we hugged.

    I then put on a thin diaper and went to bed.

    I spent all of christmas day in diapers. but coverd by my PJ's / jeans... because although I told my mom and brother are still in the dark. but I will fix that in due time. plus we had dinner guests

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    I deleted this because at least one person wished they had never read it.

    Last edited by Jared; 03-Jan-2010 at 11:31.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared View Post
    I wear diapers every night. On New Year's Eve, we had a few people over; and my wife's sister was and still is here. By the time the company left it was late and I had had a fair amount to drink. I said I was going to go to bed. Right in front of her sister, my wife said "Not until you have your diaper on." She told me to "go up to our room and get out one of those high absorbeny disposables (Abena X-Plus) and a liner pad and get undressed." I did as I was told and in a minute both my wife and her sister walked in the bedroom laughing and my wife said her sister had asked if she could "do the honors." So she did, including baby powder applied with the palm of her hand and snap-on plastic panties. She and my wife were chatting away about my need for diapers and and what a cute baby I was the whole time. The sister commented on my waxed pubic area (I have just a very small and trimmed triangle of hair poiting down toward my shaft.)

    That was my New Year's Eve.

    first off eww.. second off that sounds like a fantasy, i wish i NEVER read that..... DONT write your fantasies on this forum ever, this is not the place for that... unless you got the appropriate reason to write it.

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    i wasn't wearing those days

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