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Thread: Thought some might like this

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    Default Thought some might like this

    Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone's posted this before and I don't bother using the search bar cuz I hate to say it kinda doesn't work lol but yeah, this site has kept me entertained for over a year, maybe two now. It's got some nice pics and the name of the site says it all:

    It's never updated and it has a few broken links, but yeah. Have fun

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    Not only does the search function work, and work well, it even found a post with that exact URL in it already. Oh, and incidentally, we have a Links section. I urge you to use it.

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    Oh, sorry. It always gives me problems pulling up matches. I'm not all too familiar cuz I never got familiarized with everything.

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    Yes, I've known of that site for awhile. Don't go to it regularly, but it's a decent site

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