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Thread: Watch Out, Here I Come (Again)

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    Default Watch Out, Here I Come (Again)

    Hey all!
    This is Scritcher, aka Syd. I'm posting again.
    ... I left because the urge to wear diapers and such kind of went away. But, it has slowly started to come back again - thus, here I am.

    I'll try and post as much as I can - hopefully, during the weekdays after break, the dorm and school won't block this site, and label it as "porn." Haha, bastards.
    I'll be updating my contact info. If you wanna chat, feel free to!

    ~ Syd

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    @ TK: Thanks! I love you icon, btw. Chowder rules!
    Eh, my school and dorm have a habit of blocking things that aren't actually porn, but labeling it as such (Understanding Infantilism, for example), and then not blocking ACTUAL sites with porn (YGallery, as an example). x_x

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    Hey, I remember you!

    Welcome back to the coolest club on Earth, for people with a very unique definition of the word 'cool' . Nice to see you posting again.

    I also used to go through that cycle of diapers gaining interest, then slipping away, then coming back, and just continuing on that cycle. It still happens to an extent, but not nearly how it used to. I did notice though, that it tended to flare up the most when I was out of school, like during the Holidays and the Summertime. That was specifically true when I was in high school, as I can see by your age you likely are. Now that I'm a college guy, I still notice this flare up, but without as big of a difference as there used to be. Could also have something to do with the fact that I now consider myself much more of an AB than a DL...

    Anyhow, welcome back .

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    @ SPD: Thanks! I'm glad you remember me!
    Haha, your story seems to fit mine - I'm getting the urge to wear diapers again, because of stress in highschool. Thank you for sharing your story.

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