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    Default Mood Music

    Anybody have a certion song that you listen to while in a certion mood?

    For example I listen to this when I feel like "lets get drunk and have fun."
    YouTube - Nickelback This Afternoon

    This for "damn what do I do now?"
    YouTube - Rehab - Bartender Song (aka Sittin At A Bar) Unedited

    I had a simalar thead back in May but that only covered one emotion and this covers any kind of mood you listen to music in.

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    No specific songs, but I listen to anything trance/electronic/etc-like (ATB, Armin van Buuren, Chicane, Hybrid, Deadmau5) when I'm working, because fast beat without lyrics is great for writing code to.

    I've recently been listening to a lot of Mika's stuff when I'm feeling miserable or confused/upset at all. For example, when I first joined ADISC I was quite a wreck, mentally, for a couple of weeks, and listening to Mika's albums made me feel a lot better.

    There're really the only thing that I listen to specifically.

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    If I ever need to get amped up to do anything, I play this song in my head.

    YouTube - Blind Guardian-I'm Alive

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    When I feel passionate, I listen to Rush Together by Quietdrive.

    And when I feel cute 'n' fuzzy, I always listen to Toeto.

    And there's a lot of songs I listen to when I feel trashy, like Redneck Woman and Tangled Up In Me. I like my songs to have meaning and imagery to me. ;D

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    I just found this song. It is just so passionate for a mellow and moments when you're down and the beat is sick

    In Between Us-Scarface, Nas, & Tanya Herron

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    And now for something completely different, I listen to this when I'm in a deep or thoughtful mood:

    YouTube - Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op.11
    (warning: video contains some scenes from 9/11 over the orchestra, don't watch if this may upest you)

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    Some Dr.Feel Good Courtsey of none other then motley crue when I'm in a fucking great mood. plus lots of others.

    A lot of metalcore when angered

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    When I'm working on my novel, I listen to Sarah McLaughlin and Libera. When driving, I like to listen to the best of Queen.

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