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Thread: The Healthy Outdoors

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    Smile The Healthy Outdoors

    I enjoy country walking and camping, and there is a lot of nice countryside in Wales and the West Country, in England to enjoy walking and camping in.
    Are there any other members who enjoy this form of relaxation while in or out of their diapers?

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    I like to do that occasionally, yeah. But moreso, it's cool to hear two of my (many) favourite places mentioned on ADISC!

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    I'm huge in the boy scouts and go camping all the time. I work at a Summer camp in Wisconsin every year, and it's basically a two month long camping trip. I love it so much. My favorite place in the world is the Boundary Waters, which is this really cool chain of lakes on the US/Canadian border. I've been there twice on a week long canoe trek, and I have never seen a more beautiful place on earth.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm a big fan of bicycling when the weather is warm. I also like hiking and swimming. You won't find too many Wiccans that dislike the great outdoors!

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    I enjoy hiking, fishing, a little bit of rock climbing..........
    I find diapers don't fit very well with heavy activity though. They tend to chafe, and to some extent, they limit my mobility. Not a problem; I also enjoy [ahem] "unprotected" wetting.....I live in a desert locale with few people around. I can usually hike all day without seeing another soul. It feels really nice to just let go whenever the mood strikes and hike all day in wet pants........I usually keep a change of clothes in my truck back at the trailhead.

    Once, with several friends, I actually wet my pants on the drive to the trailhead (OK, it wasn't entirely accidental) .........we were on a very rough "primative" back road and I blamed it on the beer we were drinking and the effect of the jarring ride on the kidneys. The others shrugged it off; I guess since I was driving and had the keys, they thought they'd better not give me a bad time if they wanted a ride back to town!

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    While camping in the UP this summer, I got the chance to be on the beach at Lake Superior in just my diapers and plastic pants. I really enjoyed walking along the beach that way and just being myself. I picked a very private area, a long stretch of beach where I could see someone coming from a long way off. The week we were up there, was the best week (weather wise) they had the whole summer. I couldn't have asked for better weather. I even played in the water (quite cold until you get used to it) with just diapers and plastic pants on. It was simply the best vacation I have had!!!

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    I try to get out for a hike at least twice a week, usually to someplace with a vista or place with a unique landscape, as I love landscape photography, but also usually get many wildlife shots during the hike to and from the landscape shots

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    Well, as you may have guessed from the name, I love the outdoors. We often go on walking holidays in the summer in europe, where the scenery in the alps is fantastic.

    I'm also a great fan of taking pictures of all the landscape and scenery.

    I don't have any nappies, but while it would be nice to relax someplace outdoors with a good view (and less worry about lack of toilets), it wouldn't be good for walking in at all.

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    I really want to get to Wales one day! Half my family is from there and came to America in 1701.

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    I go for walks almost every day (which includes sprinting up many sets of stairs, climbing 20 foot walls, and booking chickity cheese past construction workers who want me to get my ass outa the construction site.) which is nice. I also do snowshoeing in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer. But walking is my main form of outdoors fun, well, that and airsoft.

    While diapered? I have had the pleasure only once while on a morning walk, that was my most cautious one yet. Might try other things eventually...

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