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Thread: Formula One fans....come here!!

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    Default Formula One fans....come here!!

    I just want to see who all here is into F1. I've been a huge buff since malaysia of 2001 when i got tickets to go see it with my father and some of his its not a typo, i was there in malaysia and lived there for 2.5 years

    Anyways, just post up if you're into it, any opinions to this years new rules and maybe some predictions to this year's winner...although i think its a bit too early to tell....who knows?

    Post up!

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    no one here likes F1? come on, i know some of you talked about it...

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    I think that is pretty cool, but I am more into street racing, and a little bit of nascar every now and then. I have never actually watched a whole formula 1 race before. I might give it a chance sometimes because I love cars. I do know that these cars have a 4.0L v8 in them which put out a lot of power, and I love engines that have relatively small cylinder discplacement but have a lot of power and can rev very high. Just like VTEC engines from Honda and Acura.

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    I've watched Formula 1 for as long as I can remember. It's actually become a lot more exciting again in recent years, which is really great. It'd be really nice if some of the smaller teams would get some good performances in there, but hey.

    Does anybody miss Minardi being on the grid? I loved them, just because they were such underdogs.

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    I'm pissed that F1 decided to just completely drop the U.S. I understand the concerns with Indpls., but why not relocate it to Road America or Watkins Glen. All in all, I love the series, though.

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    I stopped around the death of ayrton senna, I DO remember watching the first (and last) race where Jean Alesi won (and later had to be picked up by michael shumacher cuz he ran out of fuel xD!).

    Anyway, I don't like it anymore, the new rules are putting more pressure on the car and mechanics, then the drivers (where it should be).
    the FUN is out of the whole scene .

    anyway... yeah, I kinda like it...

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    I follow Formula 1 and, since I'm Italian, I'm a Big Fan of Ferrari.
    I started to follow this from in 2001.

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    I have followed Toyota the past couple years or so. Not sure who is where now.

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