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Thread: Koolest cities for going to college as a AB/D: (undergrad/ grad school, etc)

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    Default Koolest cities for going to college as a AB/D: (undergrad/ grad school, etc)

    I Just thought this might be a fun thread!

    I live just above New York City, and despite being the biggest city in the state and the country, and all that NYC offers, it' s NOT the best place to go to college for a AB/DL. What city (that you have lived in) would you recommend thats "AB/DL friendly"?

    *Please comment first on the city (cities) where
    you live (or where you used to live) first, and
    give at least 3 points on whats good/ or bad
    about being a AB/Dl in your city.** (Of course
    anyone can give a rebuttal, or ask a question to
    any post).

    (I'm thinking that Boston, Los Angeles, and London, UK might be kool places to go to college), looking forward to your posting!


    ~ Will

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    New York City:

    1. Lack of apartments/ costs of getting an apartment is from $5000 and up anywhere in a safe neighborhood throughout NYC (1st and last months rent, security deposit, utility hookups, etc) So dorms and everything here is expensive, studio apartments ($1000 a month & up in the bronx) Forget about parking fees in Manhattan garages. yikes!!

    2. Either NYC AB/DLs are "too busy" (too many distractions here?), not signed up for ADISC, etc, or just not as high a percentage of the population as other, smaller cities. Most NYC DLs would agree its hard to even schedule any events here, and when you do, its low-turnouts. We have some chill people here, but not a lot of us, and not much "going on" as a community.

    3. The good news is that clothing (diapers are considered clothing in NY state) are NOT subject to state sales tax!

    ~ Will

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    If there actually are good AB/DL cities I would guess that they are on west coast.

    It really should not be a big factor when you pick where you are going to school. If it is then you should ask yourself why you are bothering to go and spend your parents money?

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    I hear universities frown upon "Kool" spellings, unless you're talking about the cigarette brand.

    Even in this country, you would be hard-pressed to find that an acceptable spelling at university.

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    You're klearly out of the loop. I spell like that all the time and I'm maintaining a kool 2.5 GPA.

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    Not to try to derail the thread or anything, but if "how AB/DL-friendly the college town is" is high enough on the list of factors that one considers when choosing a college/graduate school to make any difference whatsoever, then you should be rethinking your priorities.

    People today spend way too much time/effort/money trying to pick the college that "fits perfectly". One's priority, especially in the US where college costs are generally outrageous and grow at an annual rate that is at least 2x inflation, should be the cost-benefit analysis of who is offering you the best bang for your buck.

    Any major city will have some number of other AB/DLs. Almost any college will eventually let you live in such an arrangement where you have the necessary privacy.

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    I would say Canada offers a combination of diaper availability, overall acceptance of alt lifestyles at least as good as anywhere, no sales tax in Alberta, and reasonable cheapness. America probably competes; I expect San Fran Cisco is probably a good bet, though I don't know about rents or other cost of living factors.

    And to H3g3l: I hear it is spelled Koo these days, not Kool (or Kewl) - due to Southpark.

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    It's not just, "Which school will get me drunk the fastest."
    Now it's, "Which school will get me drunk the fastest while wearing diapers."

    In the end it doesn't matter because you won't remember her name anyway.
    (Answer: West Coast)

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    if thats what you look for....
    any utah collage town is not the best place for AB/DL's... i know i live in one.

    1 it is majorly religious
    2 if you live in a "alt" lifestyle then prepare to be bashed.

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    Not sure OP, but I'm not sure that should really be a priority when looking for a place to live (personal opinion). The AB thing is not a huge thing for me, so that wouldn't really be a deciding factor.

    If it's for school purposes, you should really focus on the actual school or quality of education first and foremost.

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    fun replies!
    the thread is about kool cities to go to college,
    not about English majors, best professors, special degree programs or that stuff!

    Since this is a AB/TB/DL community, why not ask what cities r the best for people who r into "this" (much like surfers like to go to college in California and Hawaii, etc, regardless of the other "school factors")

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