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    For the next four days, I'm hoping to be able to wear non-stop, which is a special treat these days. Wa-hey! Trouble is, deciding exactly what to wear. There's a choice of Attends briefs, Attends slips, Kendall Lille, Abri-form and Tena, mostly X-Plus versions. There are various stuffers such as Pampers and own-brand toddler size, plus some Tena adult pullups. So here's a novel idea, please tell me if you think it's stupid or rude or whatever...

    I could put some random diapers and diaper/stuffer combos in perhaps four different boxes, and then YOU, dear ADISC reader, could choose a box and I'll wear the next diaper from that box, tell you what it is and report how well it stood up to the prevailing conditions, so to speak. It's more sociable than just rolling dice every time I want a change and it creates some random diaper performance reviews.

    It's 3am here, my guests have gone home and I'm going to bed. First up is a Kendall X+ with two baby diapers as stuffers. When I wake up I'll see if anybody thinks this is a dumb-ass idea, otherwise I'll load up the boxes and ask for a selection.


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    I like reading diaper reviews so I vote yes, go for it!

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    OK, here we go. There are three boxes of assorted diapers / combos marked A, B & C. I've posted a pic in the member gallery of the contents of one box, which as you'll see has a range of brands, some solo, some doubled and/or with stuffers. When I ask for a selection, somebody choose a box (the first answer will be the one I use) and I'll take the next from that box, whatever it happens to be. I'll wear it until it needs changing, then file a report. Presumably sometimes we'll get a good match of diaper and activity, sometimes a bad match - that's all part of the fun!

    I'll warn now that there will be some references to messing, because it'll happen, you can just look away for those posts if it's not your thing. My usual hygiene rules will apply so I won't wear anything for more than six hours (or overnight if longer) whatever its absorbency. Sometimes that might spoil the opportunity to test a diaper's ultimate absorbency but I need to stay fresh. Sometimes I'll be out and need to take a change with me, so we'll have to make a couple of selections in advance.

    It's 7.30 am and the the existing combo will probably last a bit longer although it's feeling a bit damp around my legs. I'll probably snooze for an hour and then get up, shower and change. Somebody please choose A, B or C...

    ---------- Post added at 09:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:29 AM ----------

    Review No. 1

    Diaper: Kendall Lille Supreme Fit Medium Maxi (grey pack)
    Stuffers: 2x generic 55lbs baby diaper
    Clothing: Plastic pants
    Method of fitting: Lying down
    Activity: Sleeping
    Wetting factor: Heavy (lots to drink last night)
    Wear time: 6 hours
    Reason for change: Wet, messy, time to change anyway

    Comfort: 8/10
    Absorbency: 8/10
    Confidence: 8/10
    Discreetness: 6/10
    Suitability for this activity: 7/10

    The Lille is a full-cut diaper with plenty of room for stuffing without creating leaks. I put one stuffer in the front, folded absorbent side in and tucked 'around the hose', and the other (with slits in) at the back nestling inside the main diaper with a liner tucked inside to make it easier to dispose of any messes. The front-stuffer idea doesn't actually work so well for sleeping in because there's no way of ensuring the wetness spreads evenly from the there to the rest of the diaper, but it's ideal for standing up. Nevertheless I was able to wet most of the diaper without leaks, by changing aim from 'upward' to 'downward' when I woke up briefly. The rear stuffer works well to help keep solids safely inside - this one was full and it did get onto the leakguards of the main diaper but in the five minutes before I changed there was no risk of messy leaks. The bulk and noise weren't important factors for night-time use, but comfort and performance were. The diaper remained snug and comfy and helped me sleep well. Recommended!

    Now seeing as nobody has chosen a box yet I've rolled a 1 which I read as box A (1,2=A etc). I am now wearing an Attends S-form Slip, Medium Super Plus. Do join in and pick the next box


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    Kendall Lille are pretty loud. I swear, you need earplugs when your in them.
    Unlike Tena, they won't fit in a small bag ether.

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    Oops, this project came to a bit of an unexpected halt. So much for my four-days non-stop thing. I got called out for work midday yesterday so I had to dress neatly and go unpadded for a while, then my father rings and asks me to join them for a big do in the evening, knowing the mates I was going out with are already invited, so had no excuse there. I got home about 3am and grabbed the nearest nappy which happened to be another Lille X+ for overnight, then this morning I find the side of my car scraped and door mirror broken off, so I've been sorting that out. All in all not much playtime for trying new diapers. We'll see how the evening goes, maybe carry on later.


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