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Thread: A question about expenses

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    Default A question about expenses

    I was wondering since Im considering in the future a couple years from now wearing 24/7 how much of an expense is diaper wearing per year?

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    It's pretty much a math problem contingent on your diaper of choice and your frequency of changes. Easy enough to figure $3-4 (let's say $3.50) per day and then multiply it out. Comes out to under $1,300 per year. I'd figure for additional emergencies and assume $1,500 as a round estimate. The social cost seems more significant to me, but then again, I'm not that keen on longer term usage.

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    If you're going to wear 24/7 and want to avoid the expense, go cloth, especially if you are just wetting. Obviously, you have to have access to your own washing machine. You also have the initial expense, plus washing, but it will be less expensive.

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    I would say at most I spend $60 a month on diapers wipes, powder. IM 24/7 for about 3 years. I save alot of money by buying diapers at thrift stores and using baby diapers as stuffers.

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    I think that, unless you have a large income (which I assume you don't as you asked the question!), you have to accept that full time diapering is going to take up a significant chunk of your income regardless of whether you use cloth, disposable, good quality or economy diapers. And if you choose to be irreversibly incontinent as I did you will have to find that money no matter what other changes there are in your financial affairs. You may be able to afford it now but but what about in 10 years times, what if you lose your job? Dealing with your incontinence will be your first financial priority over paying yoru mortgage or heating your house. You will still need to pay for it. I don't mean to put you off, just bear it in mind.

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    yeah 60 bucks sounds about right. 24 for Tena underwear. 18 for depends. 2.50 for wipes. more if i can get some better diapers than depends tho. 60 70 dollars would be average for me

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    That might be "about right" for someone who "don't always wear diapers" but there's no way it's right for someone who has to wear 24/7. Two packs each of Tena underwear and Depends are not going to keep someone dry and comfortable for a month.

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    you also need to consider there are other costs. wipes, powder, rash cream, lotion. they all cost money and if you go 24/7 (or just wear more frequently) you will go through all that stuff a lot faster. and that stuff can start to add up too (but the diapers are still the most expensive part)

    plus you will be putting out more garbage, which in some places also costs extra money
    (I live in toronto and we are taxed depending on the size of our trash bin)

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    DF spends more than he would care to admit on diapers every month. At least $100.

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    I spend about $1500 a year on diapers and supplies. I often use cloth at night so that cuts down on the explicit cost.

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