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Thread: ToysRus Diapers and Booster Pads

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    Talking ToysRus Diapers and Booster Pads

    One day I went to ToysRus to look for video games. I got curious of what kind of stuff they had in the BabiesRus section. I went and checked it out. They had a huge variety of diapers there. They must of had 10 different brands at least. Then I seen that they had booster pads as well They are made by Select AKA Tranquility. They are sold by packs of 30 and are like $3.00. An awesome find I believe.

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    My toysrus always had diapers and a sperate baby section for strollers and what not. I think I first saw the whole wall of diapers when I was like 5. The place was really cut off from the rest of the store despite just being behind a single wall. Of course I always saw the strollers near the checkout lines, but the diapers were at the far back.

    I haven't been back since they decided their yu-gi-oh card tournaments were only for kids less then 13 since it was free entry, or they had a great deal, like there 20 dollar gift card for Super Mario galaxy.

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