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Thread: People that rub you the wrong way

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    Default People that rub you the wrong way

    Don't you just hate it when you meet those people that are just mind-bogglingly irritating? For me, I can't stand the type that discards your sincere kindness like it was nothing. It makes me want to punch them. It's like they think I am inferior to them, and thus undesirable to associate with. I never will understand this isolationist mentality, and I do despise it. Kindness is kindness. It is an evil thing to condemn a person for wanting to be friends with you. I feel very strongly about this.

    What I really don't get though is the whole irrationality of this behaviour. Why would you recoil from those that wish you well, provide you with opportunities and desire socialization with you? It is something only the most neurotic of fools and bullies would do. So not only do I want to punch these types of people for being insensitive jerks, but for being stupid as well. They can't even manage to act to their own benefit. Truly deplorable and insane.

    What kinds of things do people do that drive you up a wall?

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    I hate people that are all goodie-ish...Like people who never do anything bad, or people that say they will never cuss, or lie, or do something bad...It makes me want to punch them in the face...I also hate people that are just retarded...(Not actual handicapped people)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by handfulofoats View Post
    Snake hates sonic...
    I hate you, so much.

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    I hate this special kid, who isn't severely special, just won't go especially far in life, druggie and stuff. I hate him because he insults people for no reason, and is a dick to everyone.

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    I hate two types of people.

    Person A: One that has been born and breed into luxury. Became a doctor or a lawyer and thinks that everything comes to everyone on a silver platter. The kind that turns their noses up at things that you have tried to do for them because its not the way they are used to and they want you to act differently than you normally do. The kind of person who has never lived one solitary day thinking...what now?

    Person B: A person who has a disability and uses it to be able to get out of things.

    ie: "I can't help you with the dishes because I have a bad foot"

    What exactly does having a bad foot have to do with sitting on a stool and doing the dishes?

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    There is this girl Kara I know. She. gets. on. my. last. nerve. I have known her for about 2 years now, she is just so damn weird. First time I met her our conversation went like this,

    Kara: Hi
    Amanda: Good Morning.
    Kara: I like your sweater.
    Amanda: Thanks
    Kara: It's Babyphat, or a knockoff?
    Amanda: It's real.
    Kara: How much did it cost?
    Amanda: Around 100
    Kara: Must be nice to afford clothes like that
    Amanda: It was a birthday gift.
    Kara: Whatever... *walks away*

    Honestly, I still don't get the point of that conversation. Anyways, I've heard from some of our friends that she likes to talk behind my back, but I really can't be bothered with confronting her about it, I have better things to do. She's also one of those take, take, take, people. Y'know the kind? You owe me everything, and your not getting anything in return.

    She's also really vulgar. She can look at an elderly person and tell them to "Fu%k off." Shes just... really weird. She can go tell my friend that I'm a stupid whore, then come up to me, give me a great big hug, and tell me that I'm freakin' awesome. Girl needs counselling I tell ya...


    I also hate girls... who think they are the shit. I mean, a healthy confidence is good, it's great, but some people take it too far. My best friend thinks, lmao, she's skinny. Every time I see her she's like "I lost 20 pounds, I'm now a size 6," and I'm sitting there thinking... you look the same as yesterday, and you sure as hell ain't no size six, because those are my pants your wearing." lmao.

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    Is it okay to just hate the general public?

    Perhaps I just nitpick on the small details too much, but I find a lot of people rub me up the wrong way. Maybe just being to judgemental?

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    Oh, I could go on with this topic for hours, but instead I'll just stick with a very few:

    - Anti-governmentalists. Please, do you really even know enough about the government of your country -- whether it's American, Australian, British, or what-have-you -- to bitch about it? My bet is likely not, but when you are well-educated enough about your opinions, I'll be glad to toss conversation with you. American kids are big on this, but they painful truth is, most of them don't have any way to legitimately support their opinion.

    - "My Life Sucks!" Get over it. No matter how bad you think your life is, suck it up and put on your big-girl panties. Wipe your eyes, because I can guarantee that there are other people somewhere else who are so much less fortunate and don't even think twice about their grievous condition.

    - Stupid people. You know who you are.

    - People who don't clean up after their dog in public. I hope you get hit by a car that bursts into flames -- you and your pretty little dog.

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    I dislike people that won't shut up. Whether it be online or IRL. They just keep yacking and yacking and yacking.

    Hint: If I'm taking forever to respond and giving you one-word replies... stop talking.

    Also... I have an intense hatred for people who insist on talking on the cell-phone and driving. If you have to answer it and make a 1 min conversation... fine. If it's gonna be longer than that... get off the road. You are endangering other people's lives.

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